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12-08-22, 09:43AM

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Stock control

Started by Qwsaedfr, 01-06-19, 12:42PM

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Once hours marketplace is rolled out, wages will probably go. The amount of exceptions left should then in theory be minimal.


Thinking about it now, I've barely done any S/C for a year now, I'm always either filling, picking or on a checkout.


Stockcontrol has been slowly dwindling away over time,


so exactly what are these new work changes, who will it effect, when does it start and how will it affect current hrs of work availability

john henry

Look like we will find out on friday


From week 17 colleagues will need to spend around half the time they currently do on routines.

Few more daily counts
OSI reduced dramatically to 1 day (2? on grocery) every other week for each dept
Gapscan schedule changed to Fresh (M,W,F,S), Grocery (M,W,F), H+B (M,F) NFood (1 day)

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She's not my manager so could have been coy on purpose but when I asked today she said she eint know all the details until the end of the week


Would love to know how much of the bookstock the company expects to get OSI'd with thr dramatically reduced schedule?

Also thinking ahead with approx up to half the hours no longer needed in the dept where the hell do you get trained resources from to complete the likely full counts at Xmas? No one is being unskilled on stock during fill, pick and serve training?

Finally with the company constantly under pressure over OOC on the shelf why has additional hours not been invested in PR from the savings elsewhere? Will wait to see what Friday brings but from our frog scheduler screen it appears the hours we have for PR have been substantially cut.


@Seraph, wonder where this information comes from, no one has mentioned any of this change to us! a bit of a worry I guess!

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Quote from: londoner83 on 26-05-22, 06:06AM
Will wait to see what Friday brings but from our frog scheduler screen it appears the hours we have for PR have been substantially cut.

Latest rumour in our store is a cut of 90 hours. I'm assuming this is the combined stock teams rather than just one dept eg Grocery but it still begs the question where will they go.

Only thing I can see happening is the older one's on grocery and non food stock being moved into doing some of the PR scanning but where will that them leave the kids who do it.... 

Losing 90 hours seems extreme though because even if gap scan is going an increase in 25% of counts per day will make up for it. That said our grocery stock team has 4 people in pretty much every day and I think realistically they only need two. 


Rumour! so it is not actually fact then! Is Friday this week a confirmed day for announcement then! as i say no one has mentioned this to me at all!


Yammer  thread says the fresh stock hours are wrong and will be updated Friday shouldn't have been cut.


Please note that Wk17 FROG Resources allowed hours are incorrect (they are too low for FFSC). They're being corrected in the scheduler update on Friday afternoon.From thread on yammer.


Quote from: Jackwarda on 26-05-22, 08:59AM
Rumour! so it is not actually fact then! Is Friday this week a confirmed day for announcement then! as i say no one has mentioned this to me at all!
Not a rumour at all, your manager should have briefed you about it on tuesday afternoon or next shift. All the info was directly from the briefing document.

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Yeah Fresh stock control will not be effected which is why I said I believe  they will move the older ones from grocery and non food stock who are over hours and on 30 plus contracted hours into some of the PR scanning and possibly move some of the kids who currently do it elsewhere as i know our dairy section is under.

The older ones who avoid PR scanning will not be happy though. I don't blame them either. 


I don't think they've been avoiding it,it hasn't been part of their Job it all depends on their availability your not that flexi if your full time,but let's wait and see what happens hey.It might be moving resource around your just a set of hours now anyway.....could be a total disaster in bigger stores.Personally I don't care anymore just come in and do whatever I'm told and go home.


Thank you, I am not in work for a while yet so wont know about meetings etc.


I sort of cant wait for it. I've actually enjoyed doing random things when coming in. Been getting fed up with doing OSI everyday and then HO and nights making a mess of.


Osi is pointless all you do is fill and sticker up and now and again find stock .... and rest assured then ext day its a mess again.Pointless.every other week and 3 days a week will be even more pointless to be honest but they know best.


OSI always feels pointless when there's tonnes of stock taking up room on the capping shelf as 'Known Overstock' but those who know best feel it's great to force even more of the same carp in and wonder why aisles aren't being completed because colleagues are having to hand ball the same stock from a delivery cage to add to the mountain we're already sitting on. 1 single bag of sweets a day in sales doesn't warrant 99 bl00dy boxes of the stuff  ???


Our shops losing around 40 hours on stock control.
Think fresh has 4 gap scans a week instead of daily and grocery only 3 now instead of daily.
Gm once a week
H+b twice a week

25% increase on targeted counts.

Just double checked I'm not going to post the specifics but the above applies to all large stores.
OSI one day per fortnight


OSI once a fortnight and gap scan a few times a week, best of luck with that. Both of said jobs need doing daily or you will have stock issues all over the place. The idiots in charge just never learn.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


No one in our store has been briefed about this yet.


the more I read it the bigger a joke it becomes.i would suggest any stockie to be as awkward as when it kicks in and just enjoy the show.Can you just stop that and check this will probably something you will get sick of hearing.


Can I just say, we have not recieved any information [as yet] relating to any changes, is it just some stores, larger stores not affected!, all stores,  up to certain stores. Manager doesnt even seem to have knowledge about this at all. Where has this all come from [probably HO] and exactly how is it going to affect stock controlers, will there be letters or communication, to the people it effects please

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