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I know we already have this topic on here, but I would like to compile a list of all rollovers. There was another serious event at WB DC recently.

(1) Where did it happen.
(2) Approx. When did it happen.
(3) DC the vehicle had collected load from.
(4) Cause of the rollover. ( if known )

Please include as many parts of the above list that you can.
Please do not make guesses, or wild comments.
I will be ruthless in my moderating of this topic.
Thank you in advance for your information.

Nomad ( Forum Admin ) PS, Don't forget your T-Shirt.

(1) Roundabout above the A1 at the junction of the A414 (Hatfield University).
(2) Friday 11th June 2004 at 20.30 hrs.
(3) Welham Green DC
(4)The cause according to the driver was the load moving. The company's action was to dissmiss the driver after a somewhat elongated proceedure. The tribunal reconvenes on Wednesday 13th July.

per ardua ad asda:
(1) Rosehill roundabout on the Oxford Eastern bypass
(2) In the last 2 weeks
(3) Didcot
(4) Attributed to excessive speed.

The Guvnor:
(1) Liss roundabout on the A3 south in Hampshire.
(2) 11.05.2005
(3) Weybridge
(4) Allegedly, The load was loaded with all the heavy stuff down one side

The Guvnor (Moderator)

What I was hoping to do here was compile a list of rollovers. It appears to be an above average number of rollovers, if this is the case then this list could be useful information to an accused driver. Please just enter the known data.

Nomad ( Forum Admin ) PS, Don't forget your T-Shirt.


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