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Hey folks,

I'm not sure this is going to get much of a response as the Distribution Transport forum seems um dead.  8-)

But I've recently applied for the Warehouse to wheel role and it all sounded great 42hrs a week and pretty decent pay well compared to dotcom driving, so I passed my driving assessment and I wait to hear about interview success.

But I'm here trying to establish some more info on something that was mentioned during the interview which is making me think do I really want the role?  :-\

11hr shifts 5 days a week adds up to 55hrs or 51.25 after breaks. Which correct me if I'm wrong isn't a 42 hour week  ;)

I'm all for overtime hell, I currently work 6 day weeks in my dotcom driver roll but that still allows me to have a life, see the girl, walk the dog, work out etc.
But 55hrs of work a week well that's um not leaving much time for anything apart from sleeping on days you work.

My question is this the extra day required? because forcing people to do those kinds of hours week in week out seems well rubbish to put it nicely. I'd have to do that extra day at least twice a month to make the move worthwhile, but week in week out I think's a bit excessive.

Any info or experience here would be great so that should I be successful I can make an informed decision on taking the role.

Thanks in advance

ConfusedDriver  ???

Yes, something is amiss here, what is common practice these days is offering lower contracted hours topped up by regular overtime, it used to be the case that this would save the company money on employee expenses (before holiday pay was changed to calculate average pay, it was calculated on contracted pay not including overtime). The only benefit of having many on shorter hours now is flexibility and contingency, you can cover  a driver on days off he's sick and vice versa.

With the exception of early days, the only other element that takes away from your core hours are breaks. With this in mind  it sounds like you're informally on 55 hours a week, but  contracted on less hours and the excess made up of "regular overtime". I advice you to keep a note of all hours worked.

You don't say which depot you are looking to join but I think the new contract is the same all over now.

You will be contracted 5 x 8.5hr shifts over 7 days. Overtime is generally available to suit, but you may be asked, not forced, to do up to 15 hours on any particular shift. Once you pass 42.5 hours you will get paid at t+1/2.

The nature of driving is such that you may, occasionally, get caught out but you know that from Dot-com. Once you get your feet under the table you will learn how to manage your day and your overtime. Nobody is going to force you into 55-60 hour weeks unless you want to do it.

The money is much better and the work is not difficult. The way you will be treated is much better than stores and once you have your hands on that licence you will never earn less than £30k pa.......

@ConfusedDriver there are a number of members, hesketh being one, who can give you a mountain of advice on HGV driving & hours etc, and dare I say the 'handling' of transport office staff, some of whom have their own agenda.

Yes the Distribution Transport forum did go very quite due, I believe, to influx of contractors etc,  I will always keep it open for those who have questions/problems.

I checked with a colleague on the new contract and I made a mistake on the overtime rate. You are payed overtime on a daily basis after 8 1/2 hours.

Once again I must stress that you have nothing to fear in distribution. Some of the newer depots are a little more demanding than the older ones, who still have the odd manager that knows what they are doing, but the work is easily managed and the existing drivers will soon teach you how to sort it all out.

Drivers tend to have contempt for anyone who can't do the job, which leads to a camaraderie that you will soon learn to enjoy. The clerks and "managers" that you will interact with are usually regarded as useless but that leaves you plenty of room to manoeuvre ;)

Enjoy your change in career, I hope you pass the tests and settle in.

The most important thing to remember: IF IN DOUBT, ASK A SHUNTER!


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