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Mark calloway:
Hi,I'm due back on Monday after isolating due to being covid positive,  do I need to do another test before I go back? I've got a pack of lateral flow tests so that's not a problem.

Why wouldn't you just to be sure ?

No you don’t need another test. As long as you have isolated for ten days. In fact if you do a test you will probably still show as positive for up to three months. The cough can also carry on for a while but you aren’t contagious after ten days
As long as your temperature is ok.

Going to be honest, if you were my co-worker I'd be asking if you tested negative before returning.  I wouldn't be insulted if people avoid you when you return , CEO people are back at work and even though they're double jabbed they're still nervous of getting virus as I'm sure everyone is .

No need to retest for 90 days unless you develop covid symptoms again!


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