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Do we still Get paid for isolating?

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OK but confused. My colleagues said they feel sorry for me. As I'm only. Contracted to 7 hours so that means I won't get sick pay when I was off work.

But my manager (although great person, often makes mistakes so not sure to believe it now) said I get my contract hours pay (but obviously no overtime)

NHS track and trace said as I work part time and with benefits I can get a £500 grant but ONLY if tesco DON'T pay my "full wages"

But unfair that I lose £500 because tesco may pay me £63 when everyone else gets the full £500 like one my friends.

So I need to find out.. Either way I'm now overdrawn at the bank and going to lose ton on my next payday as I'm only. Contracted to 7 hours. The rest is all overtime etc.

You could probabyclaim universal credit for the time you need to self isolate if you only get paid for 7 hours.

You could still be eligible regardless, as there is the discretionary benefit of the £500 that can be awarded, but like above, if your on universal you could still get the payment, but you can always use the excuse "I do regular overtime (if you do) and from that you are financially worse off..

If you work under 16 hours a week, I believe you can claim UC, the £500 payment wouldn't exclude certain people on UC from others I would have thought.

Just had the same situation!! 7 1/2 hours but work 20-25 every week!! Got £74 for the 10 days!! Can’t claim the £500 because Tesco pay sick pay!! Absolute joke!!


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