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New law concerning care homes. How will it effect Dot Com delivery’s?

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I’m concerned about how Tesco will comply with this new law. Will it be a wedge to force the Jab on Dot com drivers or will they find a compromise?

lol its me:
Hopefully no compromise, u get jab or get sacked.

The vaccines are still in clinical trials there is no long term data. What happens if Des the dot com driver drops dead after having a forced vaccine, would Tesco be liable. What else will they force on your body after vaccines, why not make it mandatory for staff to take amphetamines to work faster.

lol its me:
Results of Covid-19 vaccine trials have been published and peer-reviewed if you're to lazy to go read what the scientists have said about the vaccine then you're a lost cause.

I do apologise old wise one, I read somewhere the other day that the vaccines have not had FDA approval and the results of the trials was 2023. Better get the fact checkers to check it out I think.


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