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Hi, can someone help me.
I've been off sick since last monday. I'm part time, working 2 days a week. As far as im aware, im entitled to self certify myself for 1 wk. Do the senior managers have the right to call you and try to catch your words, ...

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Has anyone seen the letter going around about Corona virus saying drivers will still deliver to customers who have been told to self isolate, I'm sorry guys but surely if they have been told to self isolate it's because they have been deemed a higher...

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I've seen it mentioned on here a few times that if you are accused of not filling shelves quick enough you should ask for a capability study.
Could someone explain what a capability study actually is please?
A post in the bakery topic led me to ask this question, just to see if I'm unusual (no remarks  :-X  ;).

Do you ever buy uncovered food of any type from any supermarket.  I avoid it like the plague as even though it is completely unintenti...

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Well over 1800 bakers looking at potentia redundancy, I know of 3 who will be out partying tonight hoping they make the cut but ours is a profitable one so they may be unlucky.
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