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When do people normally get Xmas hours. Also when we have our 2nd holiday meeting in October should Xmas Bank Holidays be arranged at this time. 
Hi everyone,
Just a bit of advice re Covid Risk Assessment. I was advised in February 2021 that I was now deemed Extremely Clinically Vulnerable via the NHS and had to shield, which I did so until the end of March.
When I completed the...

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ok since the payslips changed to the new "ourtesco" website, my overtime showed up fine, and any overtime after cut off date showed as "retro"

the payslip i just got now im missing lot of my wage and only shows ONE overtime on a sunday (i...

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Tesco is partnering with Gorillas to pilot ultra-fast delivery for customers

From today (28 October),

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I work in a Scottish store where face coverings are still mandatory. We have quite a few people mainly from the south but increasingly from Scotland who come in without any covering at all. Some of us would ask politely if they had a mask or would...

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