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Is first aid training worth it?

Started by person7, 24-07-22, 10:58AM

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For past 2 months my store keeps begging for people to be first aid trained and said there will be a pay increase.

I'm registered disabled so on benefits and can only work 7 to 14 hours a week max as it is at moment and no more than £150 I think in a week.

But whats the catch? what's the pay increase if I get first aid trained.

Is it extra amount per hour or a set amount?

Is it worth it for someone contracted to 1 day/7 hours week (with 12 months of 1 extra day overtime)

And what would responsibilities be?

Even if it means working slightly less hours on my overtime dispite enjoying work (dispite tesc0 being how it is, it's better than stuck at home). As with cost of living life is a struggle..

So if its worth it for someone on 7 hours and can't work full time etc. It's a win win as I will learn more skills and could potentially safe life one day in future, but also pay premium.

But not sure if theres hidden terms and my manager is on holiday at moment for the next couple weeks so can't really ask as when I work there's usually not any managers around except 1


It's something like an extra 50p per hour?

You receive first aid training, usually in store or locally, for a couple days.

Your name will go on the rota for your contracted hours, so they can see which first aiders they have instore, at any set time!

Any incidents during your shift, a call will go out for you personally to attend or a call for a first aider to attend!

Also, at any time in the future, of dept hours decrease and affected colleagues, you will score a point higher in your favour as a trained first aider. Unless this point scoring has ceased??

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Is there any "cons/risks" to it? Or any legal stuff I would need to be aware of?

Just so i can think i over before im back in tomorrow before I put my name down. (Other then obvious potential call to something serious)

I was thinking to apply because its a good skill to have in life anyway. (I know if I ever had something happen at work or shops or on the streets I would want someone to help, I know some basics from 15 years ago but things change etc)

But just want to make sure I don't get myself over my head or it messes up my income threshold etc

Worked here for 4 years now and I've only every heard one call for first aiders before (delivery cage fell off the lorry and someone got leg hit, ended up a sprain and nothing too serious and he was sent home and sick leave).. So it seems rare to be called but just the skills and pay increase would benefit as a win win. Just want to make sure of any downsides or anything


No it's all relatively relaxed, just box ticking by store mainly.

The only risk I can think of, would be the close proximity when dealing with an incident and the recent uprise in Covid again?
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You also have to deal with any number 2 incidents and clean ups as well as spew.


It's 17p/hour, having changed from £5 a week last year around February/March time.

Can't say too much in regards to First Aid as it'd make me far too identifiable other than that the experience of several colleagues, and I, being that a slew of incidents means it could be £170/hour extra and it still wouldn't be enough.


 8-) ahh well there you go then  8-) no wonder your store is pushing for first aiders...I personally wouldn't touch it with a barge pole now!, going by the above events   :-X

Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


They could also be pushing for first aiders due to the policies around them, the store shouldn't be operating without a a first aider on, apparently it goes off of the number of colleagues in stores for how many needed to be trained and on shift, but there should be someone on until part of the next shift of someone else handover etc.. To always have cover

Something like 2 needed during the morning hours, then 1 rest of the hours and night think it was for most? There's a table anyhow on colleague help with it 🤔


In general you're getting paid slightly extra to attend a called out once or twice a week max. However the store I work in we had quite a few first aiders not re train as they keep having to clean up customers or kids pissing on the floor. It's first aid after all not cleaning p**s and s***.


I've been a first aider for 4 years at the moment we are paid an extra 17p per hour worked.


Not enough for the responsibility,aggro and YUK factor.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
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As always, Tesco have cut the hours of the cleaners and passed it onto the colleagues. The "clean  as you go" was the first step, now to expect first aiders to clean up soiled areas of human bodily waste, is insulting.
I've always believed cleaners should be highly paid for the work they're expected to now expect a colleague to deal with it for 17p an hour is unbelievable  :-X

I once had a manager ask me to help with the cleaning of the customer toilets, as we had no cleaners! She actually thought by assuring me the managers were taking turns, was somehow an acceptable reason for me to "muck" in!! Told her they all should get on with it then ;)  ;)
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


wow only 17p an hour extra! still better then nothing but bit lower then i expected when some companies pay £300 a year

for me thats about £1 extra a week lol


Had the same thing in our store at the beginning of the year as the old first aiders had all ran out over lockdown, get paid an extra 17p an hour - which works out to an extra £20-25 a month for me. It depends on how busy your store is, in the last 8 months I've had to deal with 4 incidents all non-serious/straight forward.


End of the day first aid training is a lifeskill that can be used outside of work to actually help family and friends in a moment of distress.

Yes the pay supplement isn't amazing but for the majority of the time (in my store at least) you aren't called to incidents and when you are they are often minor.

What you need to ask yourself is if someone beside you collapsed unconscious could you live with yourself in the months ahead if you couldn't do anything to help or would you rather use your first aid training  to attempt to preserve life.


yeh thats why i still want to do it just for the experience and skills. to be honest if someone did collasp i know i  would NOT live with myself for not being able to help

only downside is i had a week off and now the signs are all gone and the managers to talk to about it still on annual leave - so im hoping the window has not closed - £1 week is not really much but I've only heard first aider called 4-5 times in the past 3 years during MY shifts (heard it about 10 times in the total) so its not often - but... I've seen 3 people on floor having fits and 1 who lost his pulse for moment in the PAST MONTH out and about at conventions and clinic (luckily all were attended to with first aiders and paramedics on each occasion).. but every time i see it i wonder to myself what would happen if i was only person around to help and i dont have any skills other then cpr

just a pain as i work 7 to 13 hours a week its hard enough trying to talk to the right manager about it!

grim up north

We have some great first aiders where i work but also some terrible ones. Those that say they attend calls on the second shout and so on. We've had people die at work and although the first aiders did their best it's an awful situation to be in. We also have first aiders who dont attend any shouts. Sometimes you can sense the urgency of the situation by the voice on the call but it doesnt matter to some who just ignore it. So if you're doing it so you can help in any first aid matter at work or out and about good for you. If you're doing it for the money then I'd think again



If you want to do it, then leave a letter for the manager in their pigeon hole for their attention. Otherwise speak to SM or another manager about it. Chances are they'll not have had a lot of response, and as it's a tick boxing exercise they'll no doubt be back to you ASAP!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.

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