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Who should process holiday requests?

Started by Thomas Samuel, 29-06-20, 08:57PM

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Thomas Samuel

Two of the front-end team leaders in my store have recently had to take leave due to stress, there have been many a tear shed on our department recently. Our team leaders are told it is there job to process holiday requests and overtime resource requests, and they don’t want to.

Is there any official document anywhere that says what jobs are for team leaders and managers, the managers role pack only states overtime is their job, but nothing on holidays.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Holidays are the managers role to complete.

Now overtime is a slightly different matter.
Overtime Resource requests, whether by old style manual request or by managing by hours(tablet) is the managers role, however actually filling the overtime is part of the team supports role.
Which should be on the Team supports role pack.

Thomas Samuel

Thanks, although our team support are calculating the overtime, submitting the requests, and then also filling it.

Unfortunately the role packs don’t really cover holiday, is there any role pack or policy that strictly states that holidays are the managers job to complete?


Paragraph 4 of the holiday policy on our tesco says

"4. How do I request holiday?
Fill in the annual holiday request form, found on Our Tesco, and give this to your manager. Your manager will have seven days to let you know whether your holiday request has been authorised or not.
If your holiday request cannot be authorised, your manager will explain why this is and whether there are any alternative options such as shift swaps, using personal day or bank holiday entitlement or unpaid leave.
If you have not had a response in seven days, you can assume your request has been authorised."

It's not really the sort of thing that you should have to look up a policy for. All the managers are trained to do it. It's not part of TS training. e.g. the training section of the role pack doesnt have managing holidays in it. The manager role pack does have that training.


Sorry I don’t want to hijack your questions however how do I start a new subject, I am a supporter but can’t find how I start a new subject so would really love some help thanks.


When in the category (i.e. Stores) towards top on right you will see a 'NEW TOPIC' button.
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