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Night being axe replaced with twilight hours

Started by Bobmay, 04-11-22, 04:24AM

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Quote from: Morrissey1912 on 06-11-22, 01:15PMBored with this question now.Its all hear say and plenty of store's recruiting shift leaders and managers on nights

LMAO. Our store was holding interviews for managers and colleagues for nights right up to the announcement that they were going to twilight working.

All the usual rumblings of 'itl never work' or 'the shop will be empty if they do it'.

yes the shop was empty for a while and still looks garbage in the morning but the powers that be do not care.


Quote from: londoner83 on 01-12-22, 07:34AMCheckout staff have got to realise that in most large stores 50%+ of customers use self serve and as today's older generation  dies off the demand for manned tills will drop even further.

The days of sitting down, chatting and scanning will for many be over. Tesco may down the line offer redundancy but at present it's far more cost effective to get people who don't like the new pick/fill/serve contract to decide to leave themselves.

It will depend on location, and you'll find that the projections from HO have been completely wrong this year on self-service usage.
When project river landed in my store we were told that once the customers got used to it, at least 70% of them would use the self-service areas.
They predicted a 4 week transition.
Our allowed hours then reflected that.
Before project river we were averaging about 40% using them.
Now 6 months later the % stands at about 30%!
It's been absolute carnage for months with customers refusing to move over to them and instead waiting for ages to use a manned checkout!

If you take a normal Sunday, they said we would need 50% manned checkouts open. Instead the SM has had to put a full bank on every Sunday to get the customers through.
Even this is half of what we used to man before project river.
The Sunday before the queen's funeral they were queuing like at the start of covid round the shop, even though every manned checkout was open!
Colleagues went home in tears due to the abuse from customers, 2 handed there notice in within the week.
Stating if it's like this now, they dread to think what it will be like at Christmas!
It's been so bad in a lot of project river stores, the company has had to reinvest hours back into manned checkouts!

My store lost about 220 hours from checkouts/off till activity through project river & wait time measure this year.
We have had 170 hours put back in permanently across checkouts.
Many stores on my group are in a similar situation.

In all the years I've worked at Tesco I've never seen anything like it.

It's all very well these projects working in a few select stores near London, however in the real world of the rest of the country customers have been very vocal about the changes and for once have refused to accept them!

At least for now the company has accepted they cannot force everyone through self-service to save on costs.
Don't get me wrong they will start again in March next year, by reducing checkout hours again, however it will be a more gradual move instead of the sledgehammer approach they used this year.


First problem, the self checkout itself is so bad, if not the worst.
Slow computer that bloat with so many data and interaction, make it slower with bugs. Big format or express they got so much problem. The scanner alone is horrible and old, often is so hard to scan the qr code, plus the old scale that never have been cleaned and calibrated for more than a decade (in some cases) make more problem.

The last update in my store about a month ago, create a bug that happened few years ago, basically people can still scan when there is a warning of problem and completed the payment under it, so if someone scan a wine, beep and put in bagging area, but not registered, and proceed to pay, that's a freebie.

Change the system and hardware to reliable first before make any assumption and projection of the future use of self scan. But again, tesco bosses just seems like can not think comprehensively, and for people who supposed to be educated in management (economy), they make so much basic mistake, and never put the highest rule on financial economy budgeting.
Just temporary action for short term that not solve the problem but create more problem.


The rollout of Tesco Till seems to be a bit of a mess.
Something of such importance (I mean the majority of colleagues will work on a till at some point, and every customer uses them, well except the shop lifters) - a bad design or a bug here or there will make a BIG difference to throughput.
They should have rolled out a couple of stores and thoroughly test ALL the features. Rather it seems they've rolled out to a majority of stores, THEN started adding bits in.
And integrate a way for colleagues to report faults or issues, for example something where they could leave feedback that goes to head office... "had an issue with this transaction with XXX coupon and YYY product, see transaction number 1234" or whatever that could quickly be put through and checked centrally to eliminate.
I've seen for example that the old progress back office, now has to have duplicate operator IDs, so that the Tesco tills can talk to CMS (once we get mainbank ones). Complete bodge!

Billy Budd

Any of you guys think nightshift staff working in the Tesco distribution centres will face the axe too?


Not a chance! Another 2 stores in each cluster going to twilight from end of February.


Just chatting to my old lead he said they are not replacing any lead or line managers on nights atm they have been giving 2 x shift leader vacancies so reading in between the lines some think is going to happen after xmass :/


Quote from: Beanny on 14-12-22, 02:00PMNot a chance! Another 2 stores in each cluster going to twilight from end of February.

Which stores?


Quote from: Bobmay on 26-01-23, 03:26PM
Quote from: Beanny on 14-12-22, 02:00PMNot a chance! Another 2 stores in each cluster going to twilight from end of February.

Which stores?
Fingers crossed eh Bob 😂


I feel if bob got their wish they would still be on here spamming the forums  :D


I think certain people on here need to catch themselves on.Im sure people worried enough and have mental health issues.Wise up


Quote from: randomworker on 26-01-23, 05:24PMI feel if bob got their wish they would still be on here spamming the forums  :D

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