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12-08-22, 10:49AM

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Backside kissers & the Clique

Started by zebot1976, 01-08-22, 06:48AM

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Don't know if it's just my Store but there is a click that has about 5 members of staff in it, 2 of them are really bad backside kissers & follow the Manager & Senior Manager around everywhere, they basically all get away with doing nothing, and tell porkies on other members staff that are not in this little gang of theirs.

So the reason for this post is.

I tried to book a week off at end of this month to be with my kids before the end of the Summer Holidays only to be refused due to lack of staff, then later that day I find out that one of the click gang was given the same week I tried to book off which I was refused.

When I confronted the manager about this they said this person had already booked it off, when clearly this person hadn't because, I overheard this person mention it to one of the other click members.

It's getting to the point that some of us are getting fed up with treated unfairly, compared to the other 5, i.e. being given the c**p jobs, not getting the holidays we want ECT, and we know complaining to either the Store Manager or the Union will not get anything done about it.

So anybody else in the same boat or have this kind of thing going on in their Store?


Happens everywhere in Retail, it's its bread and butter, if you're not in, then you're out. The Union historically is meant to reign in managerial misconduct, but there's a limit to what they can achieve, favouritism on its own will be nigh impossible to prevent even with the union.

Times are changing though, and not for the better, we're in an era of far right populism in politics in the UK and the current cronies in power have their eyes on outlawing trade unions. USDAW may soon be outlawed.


It is commonplace amongst stores...they think they're in the clique, but they're really the senior teams fall guys!

I saw it many times, the wannabes would sit with the managers on breaks etc, then when a situation arose of short staff, overtime not filled, "volunteers" for arranging special events for the community, kids Christmas parties etc...these creeps would be the first to be pushed forward to cover by the seniors. They did it, because they didn't want to lose face or favour!

I would just advise you keep your head down and don't do any extras you don't want / have to. Play by the book, they'll soon get the message. It could be that this person did book their holiday the same day as you, but beat you to the post. If it's getting to a few others also, then continued loud vocal comments from a group all suggesting favouritism of the few, will start to get noticed.

If you can prove that certain individuals are being given preferential treatment, a group grievance, citing a suffering of detriment,  will carry more weight.

Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Maybe not for long, If Unions are to be outlawed, grievances will also lose more significance.


There's always a group of twats that like to crawl up the backsides of management and they all have an over inflated feeling of self importance, and as was said before they are all being used and they're to stupid to realise so try to ignore it. Shame about the week off unfortunately that's just the way it is when you have idiots working in a worthless career thinking they have an important job.


I wonder if there has ever been a case where the managers point blank ignored everything a union rep said, or even having a chiller chat with the union rep about toeing the line.


A section manager might, usually on the instructions from the senior managers, especially if the rep is naïve, new, just doing it for a skive or is friendly with the managers.
Only the foolish ones would try it on with a good rep, or even worse, an old timer good rep. :-X   :-X

A senior manager rarely, as that would be in contradiction of the grievance process. They may have instructed the manager, but then hears and gives their decision on grievance if raised.

Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


OP you can book holidays whenever. You knew when the end of the summer holidays were so why did you wait until 3-4 weeks before needing this time off?   

Also there may be staff that managers like a little more but i can assure you all are just a number at the end of the day.
However go above and beyond, cover shifts at short notice will get you a little bit more leway with small things.
An example a great member of staff who helps me out covering shifts or a sick call at short notice sudeenly needs a day off at short notice. I move hell and high water to cover them maybe even change my own shift to help out.

other side, John Smith who I have previously helped out with shift changes or a later start and lots of favours. Lets me down again then asks for a holiday at short notice. Im not going to work as hard to get that for him as he has used up his good grace.
It works both ways.


Plan and book your holidays for the year. The holiday window opens the 1st April every year. Give your holiday form to your Manager 1/4 then you stand a better chance of getting what you want. Your manager should of also done a Holiday Meeting with you in March to book all your holidays and personal day. My advice would be put 23/24 holidays in now.


Having to book holidays for years 23/24 how can you know what you will be doing that far in advance is just stupid. Sometimes you just might need a week off at short notice and I don't think a months notice is too short. If you're line manager is going to help out there little click and not other staff who ask first then they shouldn't be in the job,just because someone helps out a bit more doesn't mean they get priority, some of us have important things to do outside work


As far as booking so far in advance I tell colleagues to start with birthdays, anniversaries etc. those dates don't change. Then to look at any special events that might be coming up like weddings. The first two weeks in July are popular in Scotland as the kids break up from school and as the English schools are later the holiday packages can be cheaper. We also get two weeks in oct and that can be the same. Then if you aim to book your hols in even amounts throughout the year many people like to have two months in work then a bit of time off, then repeat. Booking can be changed too, a lot like to try for last week in March and bank those days to be moved for odd things that come up with less notice. I have always booked my hols with no more than two months between. I used to do this to visit my elderly parents that did not live that close to me, old habits die hard. I still do this but they are no longer with me.


I like to book my holidays around major sporting events.  But the dates for those are usually not confirmed until the New Year.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


Booking so far in advance has its advantages. Many in our store would book well ahead to get the school holidays etc...I used to leave them for the parents.

My last couple of years, with my working pattern and PD I was able to get 10 days off over Christmas, using only a few days of my hol entitlement. There are NO freeze weeks!! SM tried to block my written request!!(What's that all about?!) as I'd had the previous Christmas off!!...told him I book 2 weeks every March, and no one refuses as I'd had them the previous year ???  ???
The rest of the team were ok with this, as they would use their days around BH dates throughout the year to save on using up their holiday entitlement!
If we were pushed to book all our hols for the year in the booking window, we'd just put anything and then cancel them at a later date, when we knew what dates we really needed! This messed up the books, but that what happens when a pushy manager just wants to tick boxes ;)
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Quote from: gomezz on 05-08-22, 10:37AMI like to book my holidays around major sporting events.  But the dates for those are usually not confirmed until the New Year.

I get that. We all have different things going on outside of work. Leaving bookings late however does not mean that when the time comes the days you need will be free. If you were one of my colleagues I would suggest a best guess booking that we can look at tweaking nearer the time.
I have a colleague moving house, no dates were set for move but we guessed and booked. We then put the dates back a week. We are now four weeks out from the move but until a sale completes the dates are not 100% confirmed. Rest of the year is booked and I will support this colleague as much as I can. Buying and selling houses is not easy and after 30 years in same house it's a big thing. We have plan a, plan b and if needed plan c.

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