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Calculating holiday entitlement

Started by Lost in Lewisham, 14-02-22, 01:49PM

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When you actually gain the additional holiday depends on your start date.



Holiday entitlement goes up on5,10,15 year service still i assume,if you started 2012 it would go up on your 10yr anniversary,obviously in hours and not days now


thankyou @Sherwoodforest  so if you work part time 3 days a week and 10 years service, how many hrs holiday, its rather confusing


@jackwards you should be on 6.6 weeks holiday for less than 10 years then 7.2 weeks holiday for 10 years,thats your holiday and bank holiday entitlement together.your personal day is still seperate from your holiday


@Redshoes am I right in thinking for 3 days part time 14 hrs minus break = 7.2 wks holliday
13.25hrs x 7.2 = 95.40 hrs holliday for over 10 years but less than 15 years serice, have I worked this out correct please


@,jackwarda i reckon your not far off with that,but like i said it would be adjusted if your anniversary is after 1st april,



Quote from: Jackwarda on 23-05-22, 05:20PM
@Redshoes am I right in thinking for 3 days part time 14 hrs minus break = 7.2 wks holliday
13.25hrs x 7.2 = 95.40 hrs holliday for over 10 years but less than 15 years serice, have I worked this out correct please

You seem to be about right. How many days you work is not much of a factor now as it's all hours. Holidays are your contracted hours and length of service. If you have shifts of different lengths most people are taking the personal day on a long day as that is just a day and not part of the hours. I have had loads of colleagues come back saying they have too much holiday and want me to check but it's because holidays and bank holidays are all together, it seems so much more now.


@Redshoes ok, old style, say 6hrs 5am to 11am. holliday. so whole day no OT. New system, 5 to 11 am, 6hrs holliday and thats it! not whole day!!! does it mean OT say 6pm to 10pm or have I got it wrong and still whole day?


It has worked out that some people end up short of a full shift. So you can be contracted to different lengths of shifts and holidays are worked out on an average working week. You will get the full weeks with full entitlement but when you get 5 weeks and 2 days but you work three days you will get an average so you could end up being 30 mins short of taking a day off. You could also end up with only 30 mins holiday so far short of a working day.
You could use the extra 30 hints holiday if you need to leave early for an appointment. If you are 30 mins short you can take unpaid but if you want to you can see if you can work that time another day so you are not out of pocket, either way this needs to be booked.
I ended up with 30 mins holiday I booked at the end of this year and last. I don't write the algorithms and I won't even pretend to be a maths genius. I can't give you the exact answer for you but the total is available to see on oracle.


Your allowance is calculated in hours and depends on the number of hours you are contracted to work in a week – so, if you are entitled to six weeks' holiday, this is multiplied by your weekly contracted hours, giving you your total holiday hours for the year.

When you take a day's holiday it is for the number of hours that you happen to be scheduled on that particular day.   

Your holiday entitlement is 'earned' evenly over the year.

If you change the number of contracted hours you work per week during the holiday year, we calculate the holiday you're entitled to before and after the change, and then add them together to give you your total holiday allowance for the year.

Number of annual hours holiday you originally received divided by 365 days (366 in a leap year), multiplied by the number of calendar days since 1st April and up to the date of change.


Number of new hours holiday you will receive divided by 365 days (366 in a leap year), multiplied by the number of calendar days from the date of change until 31st March.

This number is then rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.


my holidays are 42 hours - which works out as 6 days (why did they change it from days to hours, its annoying and silly)

but i always used to get 7 days? do we still get personal days or do they not get counted on the payslips now? or have personal days gone?


I was told the personal day is not on the payslip so is extra to those hours


Change holiday from days to hours make it more fair financially wise. Someone who got 4 days holiday in 2 shift of 4 hours and another 2 on 7.5 and take holiday more on 7.5 hrs shift will be better off, the opposite will be worse off.

But talking about fairness, it is not what tesco known for. I guess they already have data with staff work and holiday patern that this way will cut more cost.
We just need to remember, that we got paid  more than £ 9.55 after we add the average holiday ( or count it annually ) how much are depends on our entitlement.
Thats why they prefer staff have short contract and take more overtime because the extra payment from holiday entitlement are gone this way.

Staff who got contracted 2 days and 2 days overtime every week will lost half of their total holiday entitlement, and that can be 3.3 weeks(avg), thats about 13 days, and if it is 7.5 hrs shift, and that's about £ 930-ish a year, from just one staff.

Who knows, one day they will change about sickness policy, to average cost down people who gone off sick long enough.


Can someone confirm if your personal day is not part of your holiday hours on the work and pay system. Meaning you have to specify on your holiday form that you want to use your personal day or is it all included on the work and pay system?


Personal day is separate, not part of the holiday hours on W&P


Thanks, I was wondering that as it says I have 14 hours left for rest of the year (I only get 42 hours due to my contract being only 7 hours week) - and I wondered why personal day had gone thinking I was missing a whole day off.

One question.  I'm due to work 2nd January which my store is closed, will this just be an extra day off? or will that use up one of my holidays? my manager printed off my dates so I can confirm they are correct and it listed 2nd Jan as approved day off (even though I didn't book it and when I checked it's because the store is closed - its the first time I've worked on a day when its closed/no workers so do they auto take that out of holiday or am I lucky this year with an extra day off like many other colleagues have managed some Sundays last year?


2nd Jan is a Scottish day and most put through as a personal day. This is not set in stone however and as your personal day is just a day most are booking on a long shift.


I'm in North West England. Just our store doesn't trade on that day.


If the store is closed, as per general policy regarding holidays /not just tesco), you can be forced to take it as holiday, think also option of unpaid too?
 But if you've run out of holidays it'll be unpaid 🤷�♂️

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