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How to anonymously report store safety

Started by person7, 18-07-22, 03:06PM

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Sometimes what is said behind closed doors is never known but if issue is now resolved and stays resolved you have a quiet victory


Excellent to hear its magically been resolved.  If they slip back into their old ways I suggest
contacting your local fire service inspector.  Fire Inspector was tipped off by someone in our store when we had issues!  Seem to sort out the issue rather quickly! 


Next time contact the local fire station. They will get the areas fire enforcement office to visit. If they find an exit blocked like that then they will ask for it to be cleared immediately or they can potentially close the store. This was the advice I got from a family member who used to be the fire enforcement officer for our area  :thumbup:


I've saved the local fire station number on my phone under a code name (in case someone wonders why i have them in my contacts)

thanks everyone for the advice about calling local fire station. (update the big generator machines have been removed entirely - so at least something was actually done about it).. but only when i went anonymous to protector line via a burner email address, in fact if it happens again i'll email them with photos AND call local fire station same time and tell them it was reported to both..

like someone in the thread said, we are ALL responsible to use common sense and keep them clear and if we see something simple block move it and sort it.. but obviously big blockages are even more serious. not that the fire escape has been used for years... but if its blocked the ONE time its needed.. well i know people who have died in fires unable to get out.. and thats just their house.. never mind a warehouse with tons of fridge equipment etc

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