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What is the company stance on smoking drugs in designated smoking areas?

Started by chris9997, 09-05-22, 01:10PM

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We have rumours going around that staff are smoking drugs in designated smoking areas is this allowed even for personal use.


In my ex store now people smoke weed under the sairs leading to cantine.


I can't believe anyone asking when it's illegal to have it anyway.  I'm sure Tesco's stance isn't "let's watch staff getting arrested for possession".


Had the director, area manager and store manager doing lines of coke in the office, they're all at it, Tesco wouldn't be viable as a business if they sacked everyone who failed a drugs test lol.

(If your life is Tesco, is it really any surprise).


It been happening for years. Not seen coke in the managers office but regularly had assistants smoking cannabis in the designated smoking areas or disappearing at break to get a fix. Joint pains and anxiety was the regular excuse.


In my last store people were caught smoking drugs during break off site, they were promptly investigated and no longer employed by Tesco


Taking drugs and working for Tesco at any site is a big no no. If a Manager/supervisor suspects you under the influence of drugs or alcohol you can be tested. Alcohol is slightly different in that as long as you are under the drink driving limit, I believe the limit is 35 then you would be OK. With non prescribed and not already notified to Tesco that you are taking prescribed drugs and it is found you have illegal drugs in your system you would be suspended. When the drug test is analysed at the laboratory and they know its an illegal substance you would be contacted. You come back to work and are dismissed. If you was on say tramadol and told them before being tested you would still fail and be suspended. However when the laboratory confirmed it was a prescribed drug you would be contacted and wouod carry on in your job.


Quote from: NightAndDay on 09-05-22, 05:08PM
Had the director, area manager and store manager doing lines of coke in the office, they're all at it, Tesco wouldn't be viable as a business if they sacked everyone who failed a drugs test lol.

(If your life is Tesco, is it really any surprise).

You no longer work for the company. If someone mentions a situation you reply saying you have seen worse. If someone mentions money you earn more and that you live in an upmarket area. If someone mention theft you have seen worse.
I don't live in a big city but I have. I do live in a remote quiet area but I moved here and away from big city life. I chose a quieter pace of life.   We still get issues but on a smaller scale but I'm thankful for that. We do use the 90+ cameras that we have to try and stop things. We have had several convictions since the cameras were installed. The police love them as they are high quality. We possibly have time to review incidents as they don't happen very often.


Just because I no longer work for the company doesn't mean it didn't happen, I can recount my stories as I wish tyvm, I don't need guidance on how to talk on the forum.


Company stance is very clear, using selling or simply having illegal drugs on your person while at work is gross misconduct. Of course it goes on and in some cases at fairly senior level as will be the case for any company of the size of Tesco but that changes nothing, neither does some members of management turning a blind eye to it.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


Judging what comes out of head office these days, I'd say they're on something there so maybe it's encouraged.


I tried a line of coke once! but as it wasnt Diet Coke and the fizzy bubbles went up my nose, it made me sneeze!. But to be serious taking, having, using Drugs of any Kind which is considered illegal by Law, I am very surprised that the company would allow anyone to do it. If you see anyone doing this, surely you report to the company or the police!


The policy is very clear, if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol they should be sent home. I have had to send a colleague home for coming into work drunk and I have had to send same colleague home for coming into work being hungover and being unfit to work. I had to get someone to take them home as not fit to drive either.
If someone is under the influence and it's deemed in law that they are a danger to be behind the wheel of a car why would we not send them home. To my mind it does not matter who it is. A store manager is capable of killing an innocent person driving under the influence as much as anyone else it. If this happened the damage to the company would be huge, and deservedly so.
However, we need to also be aware that certain medical conditions can make someone appear to be drunk. My brother-in-law had cancer. He was a bit slurred in speech and did not look good. He was refused alcohol sale because of this. He was stone cold sober at the time but appeared not to be so. He died about a month after this incident.


I also disagree that this is the norm. It is rare and very isolated incidents. If it is common in one store it is that store that has the issues. Some stores are a total nightmare compared to others. It's not a total dream for anyone just now but the company has removed so many hours from the stores that every min matters. Anyone who has the time for this in work must be in a very poor performing store with a very bad management team.
I have been a manager in four different stores now. None of the management team even smoke in the store I'm in now. Who knows or cares what the drinking or drug habits are as they don't impact the store. Our store manager and several previous store manager expect us to lead by example.
I have seen a heavy smoker manager in a previous store who took regular smoking breaks but she never went into canteen other than to make a drink to take out with her. She never had a sit down break. It's not what you do but how it looks and she was always in trouble for her breaks and it came up under performance in her review but she only told other managers about this so colleagues never knew. A lot that goes on behind closed doors stays that way, as it should.


Not being funny but is this a serious question? What is the company stance on smoking illegal substances while at work......

Take a wild stab in the dark...


Quote from: chris9997 on 09-05-22, 01:10PMWe have rumours going around that staff are smoking drugs in designated smoking areas is this allowed even for personal use.
they will be sacked and no questions asked, if they are caught!


The company stance is like any other do as you want but don't get caught. Every other store I worked in had the ones disappearing round the corner at break or admitting to being full of the drink or drugs. Some of them were the best workers.:)


Date updated: February 07, 2022 18:22
We don't allow colleagues to work if we believe that they are under the influence, or in possession of alcohol or nonprescribed drugs at work. This includes being over the limit from the night or day before.


They be idiots to do that in my store with it being ten minutes down the road from the police station, we get cops coming in every 20 minutes for their 3 pound meal deals and snacks for their shift.

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