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Changing hours

Started by bornfree, 13-09-21, 07:50PM

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Can anyone tell me where the policy is for changing a colleague's hours please? I believe my contracted hours have been changed without consultation which I know is against policy but I'd like the actual policy to throw at them!
I have found the moving Hours policy but that only seems to be the managers' toolkit, not guidance for colleagues.


it is written in your contract. 28 days consultation!


Are you on a flexi contract or fixed hours?

There are different rules for flexi workers so as long as the new shifts are within your availability window and you have had sufficient notice your options will be limited.

If you are on a fixed hours contract the position is different. Any change of hours should be agreed between you and your manager and go on a change of hours form signed by yourself, your manager and then lead team/store manager.

If you refuse to change you then go down the 28 day consultation route. Tesco would need to show a sound business case as to why the change was necessary (ie dept now closes earlier), that that they have explored all the various options (everyone has been asked to move and it ain't just you singled out) and that the change is reasonable (ie if you work 6-12noon due to being a single parent it's unreasonable for you to move to 4pm till midnight if you have no childcare).


I'm on fixed hours and haven't signed any paperwork. Been told it makes no difference because number of hours is the same but I'm not happy so will press them to put them back. Change is not for any business reason, but makes their lives easier apparently.


they're taking the p**s and breaking policy (no valid business reason). breach of contract basically

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