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12-08-22, 10:19AM

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BWS H&B and Frozen moving to days?

Started by btblackbird, 16-08-21, 09:24AM

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Think our store is still expected to fill it at night, despite what the big T want, but it never happens  :D


Hi, our store has bws moved to days months ago, non food and frozen is next. It's a slow process but eventually it will happen, each section at a time to days/twilight. September will be the next phase then after Christmas. If it's all done at once it will put pressure on warehouses to move their delivery loads around. Said it all along, all they got to do is bring in delivery couple hours earlier and slowly move how's where it fits days/twilight's. Alot of people have left which is good for Tesco because they don't pay redundancies and the hours drop down to meet their criteria.

We have 3 night managers and 1 senior manager. One manager is moving to days in 4 weeks as another change. Again, it's a slow process, the news broke out months ago about Tesco going to simplify their business, nights are going, the money to save on night pay premium is huge,anyone on the verge of retirement, leaving ect is what Tesco will hope for. Any redundancy it will be full timers. We now have less that 10 on nights.

Checkouts going self serve with new installations is another key. The new contract and training for .com and checkouts, roles you can or can't do in the contract is all point towards this big simplified move. Once they get to the point they have cut down staff, like ours some managers have moved to small stores. If they get new staff and need to fill hours they will, but they know having no full timers, offering the overtime is what staff already there will take.

Why I say full timers will be the first in line for any redundancy/paycut/ours cut.

We are an extra with .com. we have .comers come in early hours to fill aswell as they want extra hours. So when Tesco move to days/twilight. That night premium will be gone.

Of course Tesco can't just get rid of you, so you will have meetings. You already have the new contract what shifts/hours and jobs you can do. But when the move comes, your meeting will consist of weather you can move to these hours, fit your lifestyle ect. You leave no redundancy which means Tesco don't have to pay out. But on the grounds they can't fullfil the hours in your contract, you may get offered redundancy. It's abit of tough one as I've heard your old contract, your hours and pay still stand with the new one. I'm not with our union, haven't been for couple years now. Never used or needed them. I feel after they agreed on Tesco behalf for all their union members to a new contract, we don't have a say either way.


Please do not quote immediately prior post(s).  VLH Administrator.

Are nights going in this store completely? Sounds like a store I used to work at same structure. I just would be surprise if nights went to twilight due to the heavy twilight trade in the store I worked in... literally had to have 3 cashiers every night in till 00


More nightshift colleagues are going next quarter.


Is that a fact?or guesstimate


If you were running a business would you want to pay staff extra to fill the shelves overnight or would you get someone else to fill them at lower cost thru the days?

With the new contract rolling out, a expansion of self serve tills and any colleague effectively being able to work anywhere anyone instore can be used to replenish.

Expect a lot of cashiers who are used to a day of sitting down serving will soon be faced with having to fill cages of stock during their shift. Won't be able to claim redundancy as they are only being asked to be a Tesco Colleague.


MM was telling me last night they've had something mentioned on the daily news thingy that BWS is a "priority" and if Twilight colleagues are struggling to replenish Night colleagues should focus on that over other areas of Grocery...

Hmm. Perhaps a) you shouldn't have been so damn eager to take it off Nights in the first place and b) try having a "wonderful" SM who has a face like a wet weekend in Barbados (other holiday destinations available!) if you so much as dare leave a couple of cages because the delivery was late and, like most stores, not enough staff to finish the job.


We've been part of the 12 week trial for H&B and frozen, I think we're about 7 or 8 weeks through & been told this week that it has been deemed a failure - due to delivery constantly being left & night staff having to finish it. So in the next few weeks it will be coming back to nights, as will BWS that went to twilights in February (BWS was also a complete mess which days had to constantly fill each night).

Anyone heard anything similar?


BWS was company roll out I thought as ours went twilight ages ago, as for trial you won't be the only store, and vast majority fill H&B, frozen during the day.  Not everyone has night shifts. if deliveries consistently late, your store could have moved a member of staff to early and one to twilight to combat it, as for frozen day team in my store can usually work delivery before nights get in.


Does anyone actually work in an ALL twilight store that works? IE grocery/BWS/Frozen/HB is filled in evenings and fresh in the morning? I'm yet to find one that works well, we're constantly chasing our tail in ours and it never feels settled.


Yep deliveries never finished, lead manager moaning at me the other day that fresh gap scan wasnt complete, showed her a chiller rammed with cages and told her to go do it.


My store has not had a night shift in years. We do put one on at Christmas and odd times it's required. On the whole it works fine but it's only if the delivery is late that we have problems. This has been an issue with the rail strikes but on the whole the delivery arrives as it should. We do sometimes have cages left over but we do an all hands until it's all worked. We try to leave an aisle if we are going to have problems, it's easier to control and stock control can just miss one aisle. What we leave is a duty call made according to delivery and who is on shift and sometimes who is picking things up in the morning. We never miss facing the store though. If we abandon facing the store is a mess and we still have delivery to work. It's easier to just have one problem.


Interesting, similar structure to us to be honest. How does backstock work? Is it done every day? By days? Interested to know as our backstock never gets touched


We do backstock and then delivery, daily. Grocery team start from 1300, this includes BWS colleague. Delivery mostly comes in between 1500-1700. If it's gets as late as 1800 it has an impact on being finished. We don't get a delivery on Sundays so whole of grocery is turned. Of late this has been difficult as we are still often working sat delivery.
In the morning the priority if fresh, bws and then left over grocery delivery. Backdoor colleagues do bulk juice and beers. If we fall behind we put a colleague on in the morning to catch up on bws. I'm unsure of trade times in England but in Scotland we can only sell alcohol between 10 and 10. Someone in early can do a huge catch up. We have a stock control colleague who used to do bws and she can get through loads. We also have three managers that jump in to help bws. Our store manager is one of them.
It's a huge financial loss if not worked. Shrink is through the roof but then there are lost sales too. Then add in customer comments and the impact of bws not being worked hits so many measures.


At Christmas a team is put into bws. It starts before the aisle is open for trade and goes on all day and into the night. We put a Christmas team on from about the second week of dec until after new year. A person on bws is part of this but we still need people during the day. It tends to be two people all day and one person on nights. Feedback from last Christmas was that we needed more than this but was partly down to the wrong person going on nights.
Our bws does well. We take more than the local extra on some lines.

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