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02-10-22, 04:26AM

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Green Pensions Charter

Started by chris9997, 02-08-21, 10:32AM

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Tesco have just become part of this to invest only in companies with green credentials.
Although it is important to follow certain paths surely the aim should be to maximise returns on investments, so what happens if these green businesses do not return a profit?  income of thousands of future retirees will be affected .


Pensions are protected by the government in the event of liquidation of assets, pension schemes vary, similar to investing there are different risk portfolios used, typically the younger you are, the more adventurous your risk portfolio is until you age. With Tesco I've noticed that you are very limited in terms of control of your investments, even the contributions are very opaque and uninformative (I can see a lot more information, down to transaction level as well as being able to change my risk portfolio with my current employer, as opposed to Tesco who seemingly has complete control over this and just sends you an annual statement that doesn't even itemise your contrbutions, nor shows theres. Just a pension pot value).


When Tesco closed Pension Builder and replaced it with the crapfest that is the current scheme, few people understood that by virtue of doing so it also moved the investment risk from the company and onto you. If you login to your online pension account you can choose where and how to invest within some limitations - all pension account holders were surveyed by email a couple of years back regarding the criteria used to determine those selections, so you can (kind of) choose the level of 'risk' your pension funds are invested in. Green initiatives are wide ranging and far reaching so it's up to you to decide whether or not that investment is high, medium or low risk and thus the potential returns from it. Disclaimer: I am not a pension/financial adviser so if in doubt seek advice.

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