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02-12-22, 10:22PM

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Re: Tosco Shares - Buy or Sell?

Started by Fair play, 18-10-19, 03:48PM

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Well i'm happy now , just logged on to Equiniti account & my share holding has not only got back what it lost but I now have 168 extra shares than before the share consolidation - & I was not expecting that - now just need the share price to recover  :)


same here but i got only 29extra share


annoyingly, because im still on the saye and dont have shares yet - we dont get a single penny of this "extra".

worse case scenario when its time, i'll check the share prices, if its bad then i just get all the money i saved, I joined the 3 year plane when it was 1.94 (or was it 1.96) so anything above that is a bonus! lol

but i got a letter in the post off Tesc0 which told me i would not be included as i currently do not hold shares until the saye ends.


How is it that every time saye maturity comes around the share price suddenly drops .


What's the take on the share price for Tesco?


If possible, just sell tesco shares, any price they offer, it just loosing the value, not even idle. Better buy other stock, or if not too panic, get some altcoin, and see yourself within few months, what is better.


Yeap shares are dipping badly. Dividend is not the worst one but unsteady share price is good for daily traders at most.
I am holding shares since 2008 and i just break even on those old shares  and that's only beacuse 50p dividend. c**p


I sold some Buy it now shares which were conditional (subject to tax and ni) which is ok however has anyone seen that shares paid  through payrole have an additional share process fee deducted from your wages .which is about 2% so firstly the shares can go up or down if they go up ok if they go down your already on a minus before you sell then shareview takes a cut then the tax man and then tesco takes a cut ! not much of an incentive to invest in tesco. is this actually   a legal deduction of wages?


Ok so you've a spare penny why would you buy Tesco shares at all. There are far better companies which grow with time or perhaps help Ukraine.


With the share price dipping by 25p in just over 2 weeks it's it worth selling shares now to protect what money is there before it crashes further? What's everyone else doing? Lost 2k in 2 weeks and don't fancy losing more


Buy when others are fearful just NOT Tesco. Hold for long term.  :question: Look at investors like Warren Buffet on YouTube he'll teach you a thing or two. 


Market is bleeding alot lately, that a sign to buy if you have extra money around.
Tesco share might gone down, but wont be alot compare to other, but the price hardly gone up fast like other either.
Since tesco share not on trader radar, so small chance some trader will short it in big scale.

Me personally will sell tesco stock if i still have some, just a reason of, not want to contribute to ceo and other directors remuneration are good enough, beside there will be always a better option if we look carefully.


The share price has tanked in the last six weeks or so - I know there are "other issues" and that the markets haven't exactly done great - but the Tecso share fall is fairly rapid (50p down in six weeks, or 25% roughly).
I was thinking about whether it was a good time to top up my shares - I decided to do a Google search on what Tesco directors are doing - when directors trade in shares, it all has to be published.
I was horrified at some of the numbers involved - and directors that I'd never heard of!
The amounts are obscene.
And a sea of red - not a single "buy" from a director in the last year (other than some meaningless "regular trade")
I don't profess to understand the details behind all these - I'm not sure Directors are "forced" to sell at certain points in time - a lot of the reasons seem to be given as "tax reasons" - which is a joke in itself.


Considering they all earn probably 3 to 4 times or even more than us on the shop floor shows that they are over paid surely they can't need the money.


3 to 4 times?
I'm assuming you forgot at least one zero?

Basic salaries for Directors would be close to £1m per year.

Full time shop floor B/C grade worker? Maybe £20k at a push.
So 50 times as much for the basic salary of the director.
And then these "obscene" share awards too.

But Tesco (and every other company) will argue that it is market forces - they need to attract and retain the best staff (directors) and this is what is needed.


My prediction, tesco shares will go down even more. The reason, not only global macro economy going down significantly and UK economy is bad and the last twist from Kwarteng had negative impact on market trust. But in my opinion, the worst will be tesco financial report itself, since it rely up on  increasing selling and profit that significantly up before, but mostly it drives from increase of price not volume, and extra profit margin from discount not been used because the lack of clubcard scanned and less discount, in margin price or product quantity.

So, I think even next winter, selling and profit still rising, but the trend will be down, and this might push the share price lower. I won't be surprised if it go down under £ 2 next month or before christmas. With ok-ish financial report and lower £ rate, foreign investor still not bite with this price now.

With low pound value and in the need of increasing cost of operational at least on increasing staff hourly rates on estimation of increasing national living wage, net profit margin will be going down, and it will be sensitive issue.

Regarding directors selling their shares, most of their shares are freebies anyway, they don't see it as investing tool, either free or just want to "adjust" their tax. So sell of will be always expected. It might be good idea to buy tesco shares for mid or long term, mostly if it fall to £ 1.8x or any under £2 while the pound are so weak.

And if you positive enough with UK economy within 3 or more years or big possible less, you might have a nice return compare to investing in other stagnant company based on US$ value, unless pond never get back up  again or even going down hill.

But I think it would never go back to the 2021 high, unless there is something extraordinary things happened or another consolidation.

But talking about investment, these days and within few months, there should be alot more opportunity to invest in other stock that can give really nice return. But the risk are huge too with global recession or even depression looming.


I work with somone who brought shares in tesco every month he was putting in around 60 pound an month and got some free shares from tesco as an result.I didnt do that.He lost more than half his money. Tesco will be cutting back on staff and making less profit overall there is no reason to buy shares and waste money in them right now if you do buy an small amount


Tesco shares are a good idea because you can get what you save back without losing any money so if you can afford a few quid each month for 3 to 5 years but if say the price is higher when they mature you can get a nice bonus if not you have saved without losing any money .


You can also pull your savings out at any point by cancelling your share schemes. If you can afford to save - its well worth joining up.


Thinking about pulling my money out of Save As You Earn and just sticking it in a savings account for 2.5% interest. I have very little confidence that in 3 years the share price will go past where it was several months ago before it started nosediving (£2.70 ish or something). I'd rather manage the money myself I think. Does anyone think this is stupid?


in my opinion the right thing to do is NOT to trust tosco in any shape or form. that includes having shares with them. stick it in your own savings account asap!


Quote from: BarryZola on 29-09-22, 05:54PMThinking about pulling my money out of Save As You Earn and just sticking it in a savings account for 2.5% interest. I have very little confidence that in 3 years the share price will go past where it was several months ago before it started nosediving (£2.70 ish or something). I'd rather manage the money myself I think. Does anyone think this is stupid?

I think it is better idea, since save as you earn main benefit is stock option, that I think it will be hard to have a good price on option significantly less than the market price in the future. And you have to compare benefit of saye now with opportunity cost of capital, at least with saving account/bond interest rate.
Plus, if using tesco formal stock exchange, is too slow to execute buy or sell and the spread/fee are really high.

Fix rate now is getting higher, and I believe within few weeks, some bank will offer more interest rate.Hampshire Trust Bank offer 4.32% for fixed 2 year just for example( newcastle building trust got some nice offer too). With gov 10 years bond rate on 4.25% and BoE will start printing more money, soon some will offer higher rates than above.

In my opinion, if you have some money around, and some can be lock on long term 1 to 2 years, better put that saye on fix rate, but divided into 2 or 4 lot. First lot lock in the highest rate you can find now, and 2nd lock when you find better rate probably around next month, and watch around december and march if you divided into 4.
Either way, that will be better than keep in saye and buy option tesco stock later on in my opinion.


Yes, I think we are on the same wavelength. Thanks for your thoughts guys  :thumbup:

Alvor the grear

How do you pull out of a SAYE scheme? I want to finish my 2021 SAYE and potentially do 2022 as option price will be significantly better.  I have a share view account but can't find this on there. Thanks.

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