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Complaint to head office

Started by Mark calloway, 28-06-20, 12:12PM

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Mark calloway

Hi guys. A disabled customer has wrote an official complaint about a colleague and his manner towards her. A manager spoke to her on the phone but that was over two months ago and nothing has been done. The customer has had no other communication and said colleague has NOT been spoke to. How does she make a complaint to head office?




    Visit Customer Services.
    Call Customer Services on 0800 505555.
    Email Customer Services on
    Email David Lewis (CEO) on
    Call Technical Support on 0800 323 4060 or 0330 123 4060.
    Tweet Tesco (UK)
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
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How does she know the colleague hasn’t been spoken to, as hat sort of information in private.

Mark calloway

Thanks guys. This guy is Teflon, another colleague put in a grievance against him but our manager said to her that he wanted her to leave it.  Managers don't want to follow up complaints because he always puts a grievance in about them.


Weak management then, refusing to deal with someone because he will take out a grievance, this is bullying in all but name and should be addressed accordingly.
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At the end of the day, mateyboy internal politics can only get you so far, if a colleague repeatedly puts in substantiated grievances against a manager and the offending manager constantly gets let off the hook despite the evidence then the employee would have a strong case for a myriad of law suits, when Tesco pays out substantial amount of moneys due to law suits, the HR directors get involved, they would not only sack the offending manager for gross misconduct but the disciplining manager as well, or at the very least a final wriiten warning and SYP plan.

Mark calloway

Said colleague puts in grievances for just being asked to not chat for 20 mins while others do his work for him. The managers have done nothing wrong. Nothing


if said staff member put in a grievence because manager told him to get on with his work then surely the grievence would not be upheld as the manager is doing what he is paid to do ,also it sounds to me that the staff here are encouriging the member of public to contact head office, instead refering here back to the original manager sounds to me staff are trying to get "teflon" turfed out.

Mark calloway

The original manager has passed it on to another manager who I'm confident will "forget" about it. The original manager actually told the disabled customer's husband,who works at tosco,that "he's a bit dopey". Utter BS

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