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20-08-22, 02:30AM

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online payslips

Started by Wearethehearts, 20-09-18, 08:39AM

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Same here . First tried at 1am then on and off throughout the day. It's always been slow but this is beyond a joke.


Mine tells me no access from last Sat and Sun! What? Beyond useless.


Would be nice if the company could actually tell us what the issue is with the wage slip site and when the site will be back in action, not much to ask for really is it.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


Hi I have joined this to let anyone interested especially tescos upper managers that I'm going to report the company to HMRC .

On the grounds of failure to provide a wage slip. A legal requirement.

The company will be fined for each and every wage slip they fail to provide by the end of the pay day.

If you would like to know your legal requirements as employers I suggest you get your lawyers on to it .

Without payslips, employers may deny that those claiming owed wages were ever employed by them, or were employed by other associated companies. Workers who suspect that NI or tax deductions were not paid to HMRC have little to support them when they attempt to ensure that their contributions record is correct. This may have serious consequences for pension and benefit entitlements, and for migrants seeking to establish residency rights (for which the paperwork requirements are ridiculously stringent).

A company run by donkeys .


It's not payday until tomorrow


It may not be payday until tomorrow but, they can bombard you with emails relating to our Tesco so, it wouldn't take much to actually explain what the issue is to staff, it has always been possible to view your payslip online the day before payment.


Exactly. I've been trying all day and I know a few of my colleagues have.  Not much to ask is it . Enough is enough.


Useless. Get the lawyers on it
How much will that cost,better off bombarding Uncle Dave's email.


The main problem is simple the server where payslips are held is not powerful enough. They are still using the same server that they have used since introducing online payslips all those years ago. But since making paper payslips redundant they have not upgraded the server.

So can you imagine nearly half a million colleagues trying to log on to check their payslips. Since they are saving all this money from being paperless they could invest in a more powerful server else this will keep happening unfortunately.   
Has This Been Briefed Out??


I truly don't give a monkeys £_&££ about the issues they are having providing pay slips .

I have done overtime and like all overtime it's a lottery in Tesco did I get paid did I not.

So I want the pay slip . immediately. What they saved in sending out paper slips .they should of invested in this p155 poor service.

The way the upper managers treat the work force is f5-_#57 contempt.


Quote from: Whisky1 on 15-11-18, 07:05PM
It's not payday until tomorrow
Pay slips should be provided at or before the time of payment , for most that will be midnight tonight .


Anyone have a tesco bank account be able to let me know at what time our money goes into our accounts please.


I got an email from my bank at 9pm yesterday evening telling me the money had gone in.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


that payslipview website is awful.  i don't remember it taking several hours to open my paper payslip...


Well. My mate is one happy bunny, maybe the only one out there. He started but then left after 4 days training said it as a s*** place to work. But anyway, this morning found £880 in his account for 4 days warehouse training.


The same happened to new starters at the store I worked at.
Worked a few days .full pay given after 1 week's work.then never returned .

I wonder how often this happens with Tesco?

I know one member of staff was paid for three months after he left the company.


My Nephew spent 12 months in the RAF and has been out in civvy street for 6 months and gets his RAF Pay every month since.


Another day before payday, another fallen over payslip website !

It's been 8 months since the company withdrew printed payslips, and they still cannot provide a functioning method to view payslips. Surely someone must take responsibility for this, and resolve it once and for all. It was their choice to withdraw printed payslips, so simply bleating that there is too much demand on the website is not good enough. They knew how many staff would be trying to view the website, so they should have created sufficient capacity.

If they can't get it to work, perhaps they should email payslips to staff if they wish to provide an email address, or alternatively provide pay clerks with a facility to print all staff payslips and distribute them locally.


Quote from: Twinkeltoes1 on 19-11-18, 08:14PM
My Nephew spent 12 months in the RAF and has been out in civvy street for 6 months and gets his RAF Pay every month since.

Difference there is even if it's nae his fault he would still be arrested for Fraud under MOD rules. With Tesco they can't do much it's civil matter over payment.


Unsung heroes

The website is very poor. Just another typical tesco service. Nothing ever seems to get better or improve our even work. Surely someone some where has to be onto this? I can see this rolling on for months. Seems to me that they aren't bothered giving us the service we should have as long as they have made enough cuts to balance the books


I thought they were fixing it yet again they let the staff down.


Another quality service provided by a company that has nothing but our best interests at heart.

Night Owl

I signed in just after midnight and viewed my December pay slip no  problems this month.


What is there to view? Wages are s**t, and you're penalised if you take any holiday.
Defiantly time to find a job with a proper company!

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