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Do You Know..

Tesco never bailed out USDAW.

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Several times I've used the feedback forms and even told the union and manager several times about my concerns blocking a fire exit.

Today it's worse then ever.

If I'm in my department of the warehouse and a fire broke out. I would have to climb over 100s of cages and a deisel energy generater and boxes just to get out of the building!Read More

Interesting chat today , a rep told us that in a few stores ge has visited the customer service desk has moved to end of checkouts , obviously this a start of a move to get rid of the desk , or cut staff , anyone experienced this yet?

If CCTV is used for an investigation of a person (in this case, of multiple people), who can view the footage and when? We have a manager who has been collecting CCTV evidence for weeks, and has viewed it on his own and with another manager on multiple...

Read More

Anyone know when staff for new stores get recruited and how? Seen one advertising for store manager so assume other roles would come soon to?

Hi, our store and is over-hours and everyone that leaves is never replaced. The department I work on is paper thin. I have my contracted shifts which I do, and they are needed, but during right hours, right place can your manager contract you to a day which is not in your availability window? Read More

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