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Ok this probably doesn't affect the majority of you, as most are Tesco employees, but I have become increasingly vexed in the last few months with this new customer clubcard initiative... The Tesco mantra is always " putting the customer first" really??


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I saw this statement on the Our Tesco website which is dated yesterday, (3rd november 2020)

"As a business we have taken the decision to ask all CEV colleagues and Clinically Vulnerable (CV) colleagues who have been deemed higher risk by Occupational health


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I know that staff members are not allowed phones on them while working. Lately in my shop there have been some instances of people being caught during searches with their phone on. I pointed out to the shift leader that did those searches the he and other...

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Just need some clarification about the long term absence policy.


I've been off sick for around 5 weeks. Last four weeks have been support by GP Fit note. Reason = work related stress.
My Fit note covers me up to next week.
A manager from Tesco (not


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As a student coming back for the holidays, can Tesco force you to work 3 of the 4 busy seasonal days over the festive period? My son works for them, luckily I got out a few years ago, and has received a strongly worded letter from the store today, essentially


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