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Booking holidays online, has anyone manage it yet?

Started by redeo, 07-06-23, 11:51PM

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as i stated above, you can ask on colleague help with it too, I can't fully quote what I was given from colleague help as that'd probably identify lol, the My Tesco Enhancements 2 Rollout FAQs – Tesco Colleague Help file and link was removed too, used to be https://colleague-help.ourtesco.com/hc/en-us/articles/8554455648924-My-Tesco-Enhancements-2-Rollout-FAQs

I did save information from it though

Q. Can we make certain dates unavailable for colleagues to book e.g. Easter week?
A. The policy is not changing and there will be no dates made unavailable for colleagues to book. Seasonal times should be
managed as they are now in line with holiday targets.

Q. Will I be able to see who has authorised a holiday request?

A. Yes, in the request/approval, it will show who has approved a time away request.

Q. Can absences still be booked on Work & Pay? Will wage clerks have the ability to still input absence?

A. The functionality on Work & Pay will remain in case there are emergency situations, however the management team must use
My Tesco to book absences moving forward.

Q. Is it possible to show how many colleagues are scheduled to work on the day for which the time-off was requested in
approval screen, so that it will be easy to make a decision on whether to approve or decline the request?

A. This is not possible at the moment but we hope to be able to provide this in the future.

Q. What should I do if I see a delay when booking time away on My Tesco?

A. There may be a delay of up to five minutes in seeing time away requests that colleagues have submitted on your requests
section. It's important that colleagues do not re-submit any requests – we're working on a solution to highlight these requests as

Colleagues Absence profile

Q. Will the colleagues absence profile look like the one on Work & Pay?

A. No, the screens you see will look and feel completely different to the ones you see today in Work & Pay, please visit Colleague
Help for more information in understanding the new profile.


was page 6 of 12.

mentions about these bits too:

Booking time away - Colleague

Q. Will the colleague be able to see if there is availability based on the holiday targets of the store? To reduce the store
manager requests for the same period such as Christmas and be able to request just time away when there is availability?

A. At the moment, this is not possible, managers will still need to use their paper holiday diary to make decisions if a holiday could
be approved or not, based on targets. We will have an electronic holiday diary in the future to support with this.

Q. Will colleagues be able to check on My Tesco to see if anyone else is already off so they don't book the same week off?

A. This isn't possible at the moment.

Q. Will the colleague be able to request unpaid leave through My Tesco?

A. No, a colleague will still need to speak to their manager if they wish to book any unpaid leave, which can then be booked by the
manager on their behalf if approved.


Anyone being refused leave at Xmas should ask to see the store's holiday targets for December. Admittedly it's not very high but there is still a expectation that some colleagues will be on leave.

Personally as long as the colleague has a sound reason for wanting the time off at the busiest time of the year, and hasn't made similar requests in the previous year/s I would support their right to time off.


Quote from: londoner83 on 29-03-24, 05:37AMThe business is moving to paperless systems and as another post has commented some colleagues rarely if at all see their actual manager. It therefore makes sense to book Holidays online as your manager should if in work log on at least once a day (as they need to clear payroll exceptions) & will therefore see your requests rather than wait for a time you bump into them or hope Manager B passes a sheet of paper to Manager A.

There is a comments box they can fill in so good practice would be to comment if any are declined with a reason (ie too many of the team are already off and it's first come, first served).

Whist I realise not everyone has great computer skills or is willing to use their devices at home, instore computers can be used to book and check requests and management should assist you if you struggle.

 Like it or not but as the business changes you will expected to do more and more online yourself from booking holidays/ordering uniform/raising pay queries etc.
A stupid idea. Like everything else that comes out of Head Orifice.


What's stupid about an online holiday booking system?


the fact that it comes from a company that can't manage online stuff to begin with? I.T isn't its strong point and when it comes to payslips, logins, P.I, any changes there is always major issues lol


No technology is flawless, neither was the paper method!

We must have been one of the very few companies still doing things by the paper form.

As a manager of a large team it's made my life a million times easier! Sure there's the odd glitch and some older colleagues still need it done "manually" but I'll take that all day long.


GA's have enough to do without taking the time to book holidays online because managers are too lazy to do it the old fashioned way.


exactly, work app do in work time to be honest if they want it done on the app.


Quote from: VladPutin on 12-04-24, 09:48PMGA's have enough to do without taking the time to book holidays online because managers are too lazy to do it the old fashioned way.
What a weird angle to take on it.

Most of my colleagues have said it's a lot more straightforward for them especially if booking a large amount at once!


I wouldn't say it's easier at all for booking all at once for a night member though or generally... The system posters scattered around are supposed to allow you to book a few hours but you try and it will only let you book a full shift, tesco help shows can be done, but cant if you want to use any for night etc, has to be handed in instead to manager in paper or a sit down and they add it on... So just more of a process there  8-)

When you book on the online too, if you work Monday Tuesday Wednesday, and pick overtime up Thursday Friday, and book off mon, Tues, Wed, your supposed to make sure you also book your availability off too, so the 2 extra days... Form = or convoy just = I want this off.

Old way was not contacted or scheduled for your holidays, new system is of your not booked off on your availability you can still be scheduled and expected...(ours knows we won't do it) but it's a stupidity thing.....

So old way better in my opinion, some maay like it, there may be some pros of like the system tracking when it was actually added and whether a manager is doing their bit, but I'd rather they forget to be honest.

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