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CCTV for monitoring staff?

Started by bornfree, 10-10-20, 02:16AM

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I will endeavour to make the CCTV policy image downloadable from VLH download page.

Having lived for more than 7 decades and fought many 'battles' I have no doubt a great deal of control is exercised not only behind the closed doors of the corridors of power but also by the 'old pals act' in the halls of commerce.

A very large amount of mutual back scratching occurs. 
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It was ever thus.  I still think of myself as part of the Anglo-Saxon serfdom subjugated by the Norman conquerors who's descendants still dominate the corridors of power.
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Quote from: lucgeo on 29-10-20, 08:17PM
8-) or the men in white  8-) are you on serious medication or just wacky baccy ???

Nothing but Fexofenadine, I'm allergic to some as of yet unidentified substance and hayfever.


We had an issue a little while back regarding delivery in that it could not be finished due to time restraints, the store manager reviewed cctv and said that the problem stems from splitting the delivery which he states we should not be doing and has individual cctv of staff working on there aisles to show  some sort of issue with speed i believe, is this allowed and within the cctv policy.


You can't use CCTV to monitor/assess performance, you can use it for conduct issues.


On the help page (not the colleague help one) there's the cctv policy and from. What you describe it's definitely misconduct on the store managers part for using it that way, as its not assisting in an investigation, and they aren't allowed to "randomly monitor colleagues" either, there must be due course of reason and an open investigation for checking it.

So time restraints and splitting is definitely not a reason for it, and well within making a complaint against for misuse of cctv.

Also on the same site, if you search brilliant basics and delivery unloading, it'll also tell you that splitting is the correct method (designated splitting areas) and any cages that aren't stacked correctly / damaged should be immediately dismantled onto new cages.

So definitely make a complaint!


Unless you know what they are splitting,pointless offering advice,very few cages actually need splitting these days but some colleagues are anal about presort
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You say very few... Its very few come in the correct way... Like tonight we have meat and Yoghurts, health and beauty and beer, tins come on with pasta cages and also cereal cages  ;D

Nothing is ever right.. So ours are always splitting, we always split produce and chilled down due to how mixed it is, so we use the back of the warehouse usually... Never has been a cold chain that's followed though, as hard as some may try.

Duff McKagan

100% agree @oldfashioned player, our deliveries are a mess, fresh being far worse than grocery but they all need splitting. As you say the correct method is that deliveries should be pre-sorted, we have this document printed out and stuck on the wall next to our loading bay. Furthermore our store manager insists that deliveries are split so quite the opposite of the store manager in question here.

grim up north

As far as I'm aware, grocery DC's are supposed to be laid out so you dont need to split. Random products on top of other cages is due to another issue in the DC


Funny how most threads end up miles away from the original topic  8-)


The use of cctv to monitor work productivity is illegal and can only be done if they suspect a crime is being committed also if your in a union let them know what you suspect is happening

It's in gdrp laws


That is not so. CCTV usage isn't exclusively limited to safety and security purposes by GDPR/DPA, nor by POFA or HRA. What they do say is that usage must be legitimate, proportionate and not overly intrusive, they also require that employees must be informed of the purposes for which the CCTV is used.

In the case of Tesco, the policy (and signage) only states that CCTV is to be used for safety, security and compliance with policy purposes, no mention is made of performance & so it can't be used for that purpose - even if a performance issue is observed during normal usage.  Or more correctly if they did use it in that way then it would likely be a Data Breach under DPA/GDPR and leave Tesco open to a very significant fine from the ICO.


Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I'll be checking official policy myself, but we have just been informed in our store that they will be keeping a check on our breaks using the cctv.


I would look forward to the first disciplinary regarding break timing using CCTV...and the slimy manager trying to push it through as "stealing company time under compliance of policy"

Yep...good luck to them on that one!
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Quote from: Raven on 15-01-24, 11:18AMGlad I stumbled upon this thread. I'll be checking official policy myself, but we have just been informed in our store that they will be keeping a check on our breaks using the cctv.
A colleague taking a longer break than entitled isn't performance related though


It's a conduct issue, still not a reason to use it under ICOs terms of use.

Saying it's a conduct issue is something I vehemently disagree with, in Head Office I and everybody else take more than their break entitlement on occasion and nobody bats an eyelid, it's a regimented classist structure, notions of "you've got to be 100% productive 100% of your hours" is not only unrealistic, it's inhuman.


No but its normally give and take. If colleague A generally sticks to their break times and on a single rare occasion takes a extra 10 minutes it isn't fair to treat them the same as colleague B who every single break returns 15 mins late.


They've brought this up many times...and dumped it again, the reason being that it's difficult to monitor.
CCTV should not be operating in rest areas. So if a colleague is seen going for a break, there's no knowing how long that break is for actually being taken as a break!
A checkout operator on a 15 min break is often timed from when they leave the checkout area, which can be furthest from the rest room, so walk time and customer interaction should be considered and included.
On entering the rest room, you still have the actual making of your drink, using the appliances etc...if there's a queue to use the toaster or to make a drink are add ons to your break time!
Then they've now added on cleaning up and washing your utensils after use, with no extra time allowance allocated.

When these break times were first calculated, there was a full team in the rest room to provide your requirements. Be it the drinks machine was ready and operational and a cooked meal, or equipment for your preference readily accessible.

It used to be that you clocked in and out for your break, and the clock in was close to the rest room, so your break time was calculated away from your work area.

The answer, when this raises its head,is for everyone to clock in and out for all their breaks, which is something the wage clerk doesn't like as it creates more work for them, and moving forward will probably affect the new systems. However it is your right to do so, and everyone doing it will soon have them backing off!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


If your ever challenged though with the breaks, the security information they make you sign every so often says the shop floor is up until the colleague room doors.. So your technically still working even if your walking to the colleague room, it's only when you pass those doors that you start your break as your required to have an uninterrupted break.

Your classed as a customer on your break too, so it says about not going into the back for stuff etc and says where you can and can't go, so you can always use that as your defense to be honest.. Its why ours start going up a few minutes earlier.. Plus you've also got the right to washing your hands due to the work your doing  :D

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