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Do I need to declare a 2nd Job (Part Time Sundays only)

Started by Kev77, 27-04-21, 10:43AM

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Looking for clarification.
I'm a Dotcom driver working full time longer than one year.

I've just started a 2nd temporary driving job working between 4 and 8 hours each Sunday.

These hours do not conflict with my weekly hours driving for Tesco.

Am I legally obliged to inform my manager of the additional part time job.

Thanks in advance.


Yes as it's a second driving job you would have to inform your manager of this. It states it at the top of each week in your van log book.

Hope that helps!


They have to know as there are maximum working / driving times per week and per 24 hour period. You also need to have a full day off each week. Both jobs times are added together, 8f your 2nd company is professional they should be asking the same questions too.

just curious

Not only the complications of driving hours etc , what about the pay for the second job , the two incomes both taxable could cause problems with you tax code etc and with the extra tax and national insurance you would be paying then would it be worth while over all ?


As far as I know if your yearly tax allowance is £12,500 (approx) you're still allowed to earn that amount (no matter how many part-time jobs you have) before tax is deducted, and then it'll only be the 20% of the overall amount, ie, the total of the full amount earned between the 2 jobs. Same would go for NI I should imagine. In other words, you shouldn't pay any more in tax & NI for having more than one job.


When you have a job that pays less than £50,270 a year and employed (as opposed to self employed), your tax code for the 2021-2022 tax year is 1257L meaning you can earn £12,570 tax free before you pay 20% on earnings in the Basic tax bracket (£12,570 -£50,270).

If you have 2 jobs. You'll have one classed as the primary job and the other as the secondary, the job you held first would be classed as the primary job and can't be changed until the next tax year.

Your secondary jobs tax code will be either a BR, HR or AR tax code, standing for basic rate, higher rate or additional rate which you get depends on how much you earn from your primary job. Chances are you'll be on the BR tax code on your secondary job, the HMRC assumes you'll earn more than the tax free allowance from both jobs so the secondary job with the BR tax code gets taxed 20% on all earnings.

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