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Welcome 2002 - 2024, is not a Tesco staff forum !
It is an independent forum for Tesco staff (and interested parties).

As of the 1st June 2024 will be closed down.
See: Closure of VLH Announcement

Do You Know..

Holidays can be booked as single days as well as whole weeks.

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Hi, I've been with Tesco for 6 years and I'm planning to leave in April. Will I be payed any holidays or not? I'm not sure how the accruement works. Thanks

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Does anyone know if lifestyle breaks make any difference to length of service for things like long service awards or keeping discount card for life.

So for example, if a staff member started in 2000 and has had two separate 12 month lifestyle breaks, do they have 24 or 22 years service for the above calculations? Read More

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I'm contracted to 3 days a week, 1 shift 10am-6pm and 2 of 2pm-10pm.

On all the departments I've worked on there's a big difference between staffing levels in the morning, until about 3-4pm, and the evening. yet the level of customer demand in my store is similar.Read More

Often on here there are stores v distribution questions. Ask away now we don't have long left and I'll do my best to answer your questions on the differing points of view/processes from a distribution side of things

Just realised the online hours rota has me down to work on the upcoming bank holiday in april, I've never had to book these of before in all my years since 2004, it was always a default for me not to be working them, is it now the case you absolutely...

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