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How would one be able to take over the running of this site and of course the server costs or is it just not feasible ? I have a possible interest In doing so, im not as knowledgeable by any stretch but can see the value this site has in helping fellow...

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Hi Iam a night shift leader and along with my other newly shift leader are left running the whole by our self there is no manager present for a week and Saturday and Sunday they put as in for over time without our knowledge. One night manager is on holiday...

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Just had a guy speaking to my colleague and point out that they were breaking the law with having
A click and collect van running whilst working on click and collect, the van was idling which was to try and get some heat in it as it was cold for the employee, they said to me they did this and that most of the drivers do and this has been largely the case since the vans no longer have small diesel heaters in them, the employee was getting read the riot act about the van running being illegal, using fuel, and being unattended, employee did point out to me that when the guy walked toward the van the employee immediately politely challenged what he was after.Read More

Did anyone else work in Express 15 or so years ago and remember just how crazy Easter Sunday was. Been into the express store I used to work in this afternoon and it was busy but nothing like it used to be, I can remember the store would be rammed from...

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Im planing on moving quite far away so would be impossible for me to travel to my workplace. How would a transfer work as I don't want to lose my hours which I'm on 32hrs. And on Tesco nothing like that comes up...

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