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Overtime and Leaving Early

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Good evening,

What's the process surrounding overtime and leaving a shift early? Am asking on behalf of a colleague who's gotten it in the neck from a TM because they've been finishing a couple of hours early as their job on the department is done.

The colleague in question has never (to the best of my knowledge) actually been asked if they are okay to work this overtime and it's been happening for a number of months now, all of a sudden, it's a massive issue  ???.

I've had a look at the Pay Policy and I know it touts the 'needs of the business' but in defence of my colleague they are actually doing Tosco a favour because they aren't being paid until the end of the overtime shift to twiddle their thumbs...

Thanks in advance  :thumbup:

First thoughts.  If they are being paid only for what they do(hours) and it has been going on for a number of months, then somebody in an office knows what has been occurring and by their silence has condoned it.

I won't see them until later on next week now but to the best of my knowledge they are only being paid for the overtime hours they work (we're on W&P).

This is what we both couldn't understand-someone hasn't had a problem whatsoever with it until today.

I wish I could go into slightly more detail but I know the TM in question reads this site. I know my colleague should perhaps approach said TM but to say you're made to feel like a nuisance when you're asking a valid question would be an understatement  :thumbdown:.

I guess the attitude is it's only "company policy" when it suits them  :D.

simple solution. don't do the overtime!!!

Given how (rightly!) annoyed my colleague in question was... that's a given now!


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