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Headphone in one ear on shop floor.

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I work an early shift 05.00 - 12.00 AM, usually filling non food isles (Toys, Home care, etc). For the past 5 - 6 years I have always listened to music in one ear while filling for the first few hours until customers usually start coming in. A new manager has started on Dot Com and she has decided to start hunting my down every morning to tell me to remove the headphone because its "against Tesco policy". She even threatened me with a disciplinary. Now I know i'm technically in the wrong, but being able to listen to music actually makes me work faster and let's me semi enjoy a days work instead of just being bored and unmotivated. No other manager (including the store manager) ever complains, no customer has ever complained and I can hear anyone who tries to communicate with me or any fire alarms/announcements. Basically i'm wondering what sort of punishment I can realistically expect if she keeps catching me with a headphone in?

Start with Let’s Talk then move down disc process until dismissal, if you continue to wear the earpiece!

Don’t let it get to that stage though, not worth losing your job or being targeted because of it!  I know it’s something you have gotten used to, however in this case, just accept it, she is correct in stating policy and if you continue to wear it despite her chatting with you then I suspect she gunning for this route!

There are ways and means of working alongside colleagues, I’d be playing it a different way, but policy trumps all I’m afraid!

It is extremely frustrating. People stand around talking, barely working and she says nothing. I'm working my arse off listening to a bit of Oasis and get moaned at for it. I might continue until I get a first warning and stop then.

Biscuit tin:
Tell her to concentrate on her own department. Dot-Com managers are the biggest jobsworths going when it comes to the rest of the store.

Buy a cheap hearing aid , take it apart and put a blue tooth headphone inside the ear piece.


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