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Hi, I was hoping for some advice.  I have worked for this company for 10 years, on many departments.  I was working clothing on nights, then that position went and I was moved to grocery filling.  I have been doing  this for the last couple of years.  I have  fibromyalgia  which is a condition  hard to explain and many people don't believe in.  I do my best to do the same as anyone else, but I regularly go home crying in pain and I have no life outside of work because I'm normally recovering.

I struggled for ages and finally asked for help, nobody  has any ideas.  There have been stock control jobs merchandising etc I've said I would go on days, I had a O.H assessment which suggested  these sort of adjustments.  But my manager told me that the assessment didn't really help me.  And that I can only change departments if I give up my full time.contract and go part time and make up my hours, well I can't afford  that.  I want to work I can work, I just want some quality  of home life.  I have got nowhere  and don't really know what to do now.

OH make recommendations. They may suggest a move but a job can’t be made for you. If a job comes up in a dept for 15 hours for example and you can only accept full time hours it does not have to made full time for you. It can however be looked at. If you have a high absence level due to struggling with your condition the moving of roles may not help you enough.

"There have been stock control jobs merchandising etc I've said I would go on days" that comment suggests to me that they have had job vacancies you were willing to do but they would not give them to you.

That does not sound like a job being made for you.

The jobs were part time. There will never be a full time jobs again.i just don't know what to do

And I don't take many days off sick can't afford it I work through. Most flares. After 10 years with the company i thought I had earned  some help


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