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Does anyone understand what is now happening with this , there are changes coming to make the booking of CS stock simplier it looks more complicated to me, firstly use by stock will no longer be offered only best before dates 24 hours after the expiry the pda will automatically print the lable with CS if it falls into this catagory.Read More

Is the shift leader role in a superstore worth it? Job coming up in mine and I'm slightly tempted but would just like some thoughts and opinions. Not going to lie with the cost of everything going up the pay rise is appealing but not if it would...

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Don't know if it's just my Store but there is a click that has about 5 members of staff in it, 2 of them are really bad backside kissers & follow the Manager & Senior Manager around everywhere, they basically all get away with doing nothing, and tell porkies on other members staff that are not in this little gang of theirs.Read More

For past 2 months my store keeps begging for people to be first aid trained and said there will be a pay increase.

I'm registered disabled so on benefits and can only work 7 to 14 hours a week max as it is at moment and no more than £150 I think in a week.Read More

Hi - can anyone advise when is the cut off day for hours worked when calculating pay on Work and Pay please?

(I know this has been asked on another thread that I had to hijack - Thank you Nomad for the advice re. New Topic button)

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