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I’m looking for advice regarding dignity at work, I had a bust up with someone and called them a f*#*ing as*#ole, this happened in mid May and I was sat down regarding this today.  Is that the correct procedure regarding this??

When you say you were sat down regarding it, was this a formal investigation meeting with a notetaker ?

No my manager sat me down and gave me a let’s talk, 2day is the first I knew anything about it but they had a statement from the person and a witness.

Nobody is given a lets talk as such, its not a warning or punishment it is simply a record of a conversation although I'm aware that they are often viewed and used as such. Assuming the matter is being taken no further and the lets talk was just a record of the conversation your manager had with you about the incident then yes correct process has been followed.

So an incedent that happened nearly 3 months ago I could’ve been disciplined for if my manager hadn’t decided not to take it any further, surely that’s not right, I was never spoken to or had a statement taken or made aware what was happening.


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