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Author Topic: Sickness policy  (Read 14286 times)


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #50 on: 04-06-21, 06:25PM »
I'm sorry to say  that covid and its consequences are just the same as if you had broke your leg and had run out of benefits. Try and remember that company sick pay is a benefit not a right. As for the person with food poisoning,  have you sent away a sample to the doctors,  have you phoned the doctors. Once you get the results back then you can say you have had food poisoning.  Otherwise at the moment you are off with a sore stomach.


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #51 on: 17-06-21, 08:51AM »
Hi can someone help pls I been off since 5.1 because of Covid and still off as I have blood clots they said I have no sick pay left even they used all my holidays
I have nothing left now and still I am not in stage to return I feet that I been punished just because I got Covid pls anyone know what to do thx

If you're out of statutory sick pay you should have been sent a ssp1 form from head office . You use the information on this to apply for ESA which is usually processed very quickly . I think its slightly more than ssp


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #52 on: 21-06-21, 10:18AM »
Have the company stopped paying all covid related sickness now?

The reason is because the government are funding all covid related sick pay via extreme tax relief so it doesn't cost Tesco anything and that is still happening.