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28-05-23, 04:35AM

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Team Fills

Started by zz9pza, 07-10-20, 03:46PM

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Not sure where you have been these last 30 years but the companyt has never been any different, they talk health and saftey, they have you fill in training sheets to say you understand what you can cant should or shouldnt do, they tell you if you do it then you will be in trouble and it will be your own fault but then......

Managers in store from the top down expect you to ignore the rules as and when adhering to them becomes incovenient or impacts the running of the store like when the trolley person is not in and they send anyone out to fetch them and not one of them is wearing safety shoes. Or when they want the warehouse to look empty so they pile everything on the capping shelves and you need oxygen and a basecamp to go get them.

there are hundreds of other examples more than I can be bothered to list but its all about absolving themselves of responsibility while telling you unless you do whatever it is you will be in trouble.


We are all responsible for our own safety. I know it is not easy for some to just say no but that is what is needed. I have worked for people who have expected rules to be broken, I just ignore them.


Agree at the end of the day no action can be taken or will be upheld against you if you refuse to do something the company has told you is wrong.


Talk is cheap. When you are young and faced with a manager telling you to do something or else its not so easy to say no to them.

For the most part on here we are wisend old hands with decades of experience and have no problem with it we are however in the minority.


Agreed the youths would just do as they are told and we are very much in the minority now.Just what the company wants.


My experience of the youth of today is that they are confident and more than able to speak up.


Also more likely to whip out their phones and record as evidence whatever wrong they are being asked to do.


Night worker at a superstore. Not only are we team filling every night the fresh team still split every fresh delivery together in the warehouse. Most nights this is 2 or 3 deliveries. The whole store together every night team fills either crisp or parts of health and beauty. Is this not the norm then?


Let’s face it if you can’t stick up for yourself if your being told ..... not asked ...... then it’s up to you I certainly won’t do anything to put myself or people I work with at risk.

Mark calloway

8 on a team fill last night,not a large aisle either. Management have issued written warnings for not social distancing but then order 8 to fill. Must get the pizzas out before the boss comes in. Damn hypocrites


Team fills are common place at my store during the night operation.You cannot sit next to each other in the canteen (not that i want to).But you can spend 30 mins to an hour,falling over each other during team fills.Tesco at its finest.

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