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Author Topic: D. L. leadership  (Read 2736 times)


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D. L. leadership
« on: 21-03-19, 10:09PM »
It is all too easy to lay the blame for everything Tesco at DL's door. Yes, I realise that all of his latest cunning plans haven't really come to fruition(Booker, Jack's etc. But we shouldn't lose sight of who it actually was who attempted to pull the rug from under the company (-*-)
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Re: D. L. leadership
« Reply #1 on: 21-03-19, 10:28PM »
I think that T.L. created the current back-stabbing culture, and problems that go with it. He just jumped ship at the right time, leaving P.C. to carry the can. in my honest opinion.

T.L. made 10times more off colleagues backs than P.C. and this current ass-wipe put together. Who do you think created the pension black hole (necessitating the watering down of our pensions).  P.C. made stupid mistakes, but, T.L. made the really big ones. Again in my honest opinion.


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Re: D. L. leadership
« Reply #2 on: 22-03-19, 12:28AM »
Nobody really created the back stabbing culture as such, it is human nature that some people will throw others under the bus for there own advantage, as for who created the mess that T.L. and others have ended up with then T.L. and P.C. are both to blame along with other senior people over the last twenty years, fresh and easy being the real big mistake but plenty of others spring to mind.
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Re: D. L. leadership
« Reply #3 on: 22-03-19, 08:44AM »
Also dont forget the retail environment has radically changed over the past 2 decades. 20 years ago if you wanted a  non food product you had to go and buy it, often alongside your weekly shop. One stop huge extras were the place to go.

Nowadays we shop more frequently buying food for the next couple of days, and where possible order non food online for home delivery.

Add in austerity meaning people have less to spend, and the discounters able to offer food cheaper due to their lower overheads and I think whoever was in charge would struggle.


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Re: D. L. leadership
« Reply #4 on: 22-03-19, 10:53AM »
A thread on this topic was opened approx 8 hours earlier.

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