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Contract change redundancy

Started by Bobmay, 15-07-23, 02:56PM

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Hello for those lost their job during nights were you offered twilight shifts? What would happen if you refuse to do twilight shift or you were not able to would you be denied redundancy? If Tesco wants to change your hours of your contract can they legally without your permission or would they need your permission before doing so? If that is the case if you refuse and aren't available for the hours they state would you be refused redundancy like you aren't available twilight morning or evening shift?


You can refuse to do twilight, it wouldn't be a reasonable adjustment, given that night time shifts are far different adjustment to that of twilight, since our employment says night, and government defines anyone who works atleast 3 hours at night typically between 11pm and 6am as a night worker..

So on that bases no, they wouldn't be able to change it without consent as it'd be an unreasonable adjustment request.


in 2014 I was made redundant along with 24 other people on nights in Tesco store, we were offered
twilight but turned it down, and not everyone would have got twilight hours 4.30 pm till 12.30 am.

It wouldn't be a reasonable adjustment, given that night time shifts are far different adjustment to that it does beg the question if nights will be killed off in the next 18 month or so, night teams work bloody hard, and when some leave they are not replaced, we had some new starters but they don't stay long. :thumbup:


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OK so how many people stayed behind for twilight shift? Did they employ anybody new during the time the people were still there when their redundancy was announced, or did they hire new staff after the old staff left after redundancy period ended?


Out of 25 people only 4 people stayed on for 4 weeks to see if they liked it, the rest of us left on 1/11/2014.  Twilight shift  was not an option for us, that was the year Tesco made 39,000 redundant, the rest speaks for its self.  My understanding of the twilight shift was we would have been worse off in the long run as less hours.

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