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Payslip view

Started by Hello it’s me, 03-05-18, 12:37AM

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Can't get on work and pay keeps coming up 404.


Quote from: lokisteelpoki on 13-10-22, 11:22AMMy payslip is there now, but they've taken holiday hours for the queen's funeral. Wasn't that supposed to be a "free bh"
The holiday needed to be removed and paid absence added by your manager instead - obviously this hasn't happened so you will need to get it amended


Has ANYONE been able to access their wage slip via our tesco app today? Really bad that we can't see them.


Couldn't log in on Android but logged in on my chromebook no problem.


Quote from: Er17 on 03-02-23, 08:16PMHas ANYONE been able to access their wage slip via our tesco app today? Really bad that we can't see them.

Remember to try different web browsers like your chrome, Firefox, safari, Microsoft edge etc etc.

Even though we see the my Tesco thing as an app it's just an actual bookmark to a website



Would any one have the colleague help contact number? My login has been disabled and cannot access anything that requires a Tesco login, pensions, work and pay etc... all locked out. Tried accessing and resetting with an in store MPC, but nothing.


From Colleague help page - hope you can get sorted quickly  :)
Internal phone number
(7891) 68844

External phone number
+44 1992 808844 *
+44 3301232430 *


QuotePlease do not quote immediately prior post(s).   Admin.

Thanks, it was useless exercise ringing them, it reverts you to the help desk which then they won't give you the external phone number only the 55999 which is no good LOL.

So if anyone has the Stores Help Desk external phone or even the depot help desk external phone number would be a great help.


You asked for the Colleague help desk number. I gave what you asked for.  You're welcome 8-)


@imbackbaby the numbers given open 8am-5pm only,if you rang outside of them times
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


Quote from: BritishRacingGreen on 15-02-23, 06:19PMYou asked for the Colleague help desk number. I gave what you asked for.  You're welcome 8-)
I know I did, and thank you for that, but the colleague help number reverts you back to help desk which is what I was saying lol, not having a go. I need now the external help desk phone number as thats what I am being directed too. Trust T to make getting your accounts fixed so dam complicated.

Mr Brightside 24


Anyone else unable to access mytesco? Maintenance took place the other day & since then I've been unable to get access. Just says there's a problem at their end.


I can access it. Mine has been flashing to say there is an update to download all week maybe that's why you can't get on? 


Did you download the update?


No probs here. Was able to access payslip Thursday and on Friday during the maintenance outage.
I mentioned some time ago on news and views that a download notice was appearing every time I accessed My Tesco. I used to click to download whatever it was but lately I've just been ignoring it and clicking to get rid. Doesn't seem to have made a difference to anything. All is still accessible.


Yes I already had.


Still unable to open mytesco app. Would anyone be able to post a link to the QR code for me to download it again. Off on long term sick at mo so can't get it in store. Thankyou



Hope this helps 🙂

Just a thought - have you tried restarting your phone?


After updating the app I can no longer access it!! I can access mytesco via the website but the app says it is unable to load. I've tried restarting my phone, and also uninstalled & reinstalled the app but no joy. Any ideas would be grateful.


Try pressing on the app icon to bring up a box that says app info and pause app.
Press app info and it should bring up a page showing Open, uninstall and force stop.
Press force stop and ignore the horror message that follows - just press OK and then press open. You'll then (hopefully) get the Tesco colleagues page which will morph automatically into the log in page.

I've used this several times when the app just shows as a blank page when attempting to open it

Hope it works for you.


Thanks for the info. Just tried your suggestion but to no avail. Just still getting message saying 'sorry we can't display the page right now' it says there is an error at their end & to refresh in a few mins. Frustrating as I've never had any issues before.


Oh heck - I'm sorry it didn't work for you. That sometimes happens when I'm in work and the network goes down. A case of playing the waiting game.
Can you sign into - and get your payslip through work and pay on there?


Hi. Yes I can go onto ourtesco website without issue & do all the things you can do on the app. Just frustrating as I keep having to log back in quite often. The app has always worked fine for me until recently.

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