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Hi I been asked by a member of staff to looking into her hours being changed. She works night shift. Everyone starts at 10pm to 7am. They want her to work 11 or1130 am to 8am 830am  1 or 2 shifts a week. She will be the only one. This does not seem fair. Day shift will be in by then so they won't be by themself. But she feels if everyone start time on nights is 10am why should she start at any other time.

It used to be like that years ago, grocery started at 10 fresh started at 11. Ask why the need to change and why its only one person on the shift.

They have to give an actual reason why they need her to do that. Just saying "needs of the business" isn't good enough, they have to explain why.

Tesco are great at throwing mud at the walls and hoping some of it sticks. They crumble when people from outside question them and they lose more in court than they win.


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