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Mark calloway:
Hi,are all stores getting temp shift leaders ? We are having 2 in our store. Its all hush hush though. Its not advertised, just the usual kiss bums being asked

We have a couple they have given the stripey shirt to, with the old "it will be good for your development" bull, they hold the duty phone and do Fri/Sat late night whilst the managers sit in the canteen or office drinking coffee and playing games on their phones.

Lol, sounds like our team support. They do everything now I have even seen a manager stand behind one who was doing the change and tell them the blue van was here and they had to leave the change run to do it.

Managers literally do nothing.

It's all part of the grand illusion of success and Tesco manipulates this to their ends, they're given a suit and tie and made to look like people of great importance and professionalism and to instil the belief in themselves that they have succeeded in life leading to a psychological dependency of servitude bordering serfdom to Tesco.

Tesco knows the majority of their management team have given up on exploring other avenues outside of Retail and so are more easily able to manipulate and mold them to their desired effect on the premise of knowing they won't get ideas above their station.

The reality is, they coordinate people to put the beans on the shelf, and to make sure staff are there to do so, you don't need a manager for that. The amount of bureaucracy on top of the humble shelf stacker and cashier is stifling.

I see these jumped up monkeys in suits on the shop floor and think they look like prats. The managers in the coffee shop talking to each other not doing any work are dead wood. Superstores have been overburdened with bureaucracy for far too long, a streamlining of superstore structures have been long overdue.

Slighty off topic, but it would be really helpful if someone could publish a list of stores where the managers sit round in the Coffee Shop, Costa etc because I would really like a job in that shop.
Would make a nice change from a grocery cages to work, fresh to work, dotcom short, checkouts short, GM delivery 3 days late.
I think I must be in the only shop in Tesco which has these issues?


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