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Hi London based twilight worker. When our deliveries come in some of them are labeled delivered Monday to be worked Tuesday. We are all being forced to work all of them. Some people have 2 and 4 extra cages to work.  It's putting pressure on staff. They are saying it needs to be done in time.  What is the procedure. Will the Scheduler only show that day cages to be worked in the time. Or will it have both

just do what you possibly can until your shift ends then f*** off home on time. make sure you have your breaks aswell

What this guy says.

They are just trying it on mate, do what you can put the rest back into backstock then go home.

Do what you can and walk away. If they complain they can do the job themselves or find someone else. Ask them to show you how it’s done.

Take a photo of the deliveries labels! Then leave the cages till the designated days, and concentrate on the back stock cages, then that day’s delivery cages to go out.

Working delivery too early, can affect the book stocks, and it may be selling through before going on the system, something every manager should know, as it could end up on shrink.


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