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Author Topic: New course but stuck as shift leader  (Read 3978 times)


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New course but stuck as shift leader
« on: 24-08-21, 12:34PM »
I thought my media career would be stuck in the mud. Applied for a highly sought after course in media in Jan. Didn't think I'd had a chance. They just told me now that I have a place and it's starting in September.  It will be every Saturday and Tuesday night 6pm onwards.

I've recently moved to a new express as a shift leader. I was a team support on checkouts in my old store. Took a buy out lump sum and decided to go to an express for a new challenge from mid June now. I've been at the express for two months and it is a grind I can tell you that. I just found out about my course and I am on a 28.5 hour contract working 4 days. 

My old store have also told me there's always a vacancy if you want to come back and we will always accomodate you and do whatever hours you want. Only problem is I've only just transferred.

Because I'm a shift leader, I have to be fully flexible. We never get fixed days. How do I tell my manager about this? I'm going to have to ask for certain days off. I was also thinking of stepping down as a CA if it means I need to be fully flexible to be a shift leader. I want to help my manager in whatever way I can. He's also had two shift leaders had in transfer requests as well as two CAS on long term health breaks so it's not looking good for him.

What are my options in terms of policy? Because I've taken a buy out, I've also known I have to stay with the company for another 15 months at least.


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #1 on: 24-08-21, 04:53PM »
There are Express stores where the part time SL is on a 15 hour contract, the SM has some discretion over accomodating your other commitments as realistically, unless you're in a niche group of people that can rely on others, Tesco can't demand full flexibility on part time hours, as it wouldn't be a secure income for the shift leader.

An alternative is to step down to a step up ca, low contracted hours but can run shifts as overtime occassionally.


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #2 on: 24-08-21, 09:28PM »
I have worked in both express and large format and they are very different beasts. I realise you may have some loyalty to the site manager who allowed you to transfer and develop, but don't forget that at the end of the day the company would kick you in the teeth given the opportunity... do not feel too guilty!
I would suggest explaining the course and the requirements and asking what your options are, that you would like to continue to support as best as you can etc. ultimately if they are unable or unwilling to accommodate then you could transfer back. If they are losing staff at a particular store maybe it is a sign of something there!


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #3 on: 26-08-21, 02:00PM »
Go to your manager and explain the situation. This should be easy to schedule, especially as you can still work those shifts as an early or mid.  Out of term time offer to work most Saturday lates to make up your share.  You shouldn't need to offer that but it's a fair solution so your fellow shift leaders are not adversely affected across the whole year.


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #4 on: 30-08-21, 06:45PM »
Perhaps you should not have transferred if there was any chance that you would get on this course and stayed at your old store as a ga.


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #5 on: 05-09-21, 12:59AM »
Spoke openly about the situation to my SM and people partner. Got the green light to move stores as they can't create a new vacancy for my current situation and a SL needs to be fully flexible. So SM said he's happy to let me go and I'd have four weeks notice from when both stores agree a release date if I find a vacancy.

I found a checkout operator vacancy near my house with shifts viable for my situation. I was CO Team Support only in June and I'm definitely over qualified for it. I want this role really badly as it will go hand in hand with my course and it's 2 min walk from my front door. I've already put an application in. Should I also walk in store and speak to the department manager or is that too much?

I am scared that just applying online and not explaining the situation to them might mean they might gloss over my application. Or am I overthinking this?


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Re: New course but stuck as shift leader
« Reply #6 on: 05-09-21, 07:12AM »
I was waiting 10 months for my store transfer only to find out that my current store had several vacancies filled thrue recruitment process few months earlier. No communication between stores.
We have a guy who moved to us very quickly as soon as positions become available but it's just beacuse he talked to our managers. He was our ex merchandiser who come back to Tesco after taking redundancy and now is back to same role in our store.
We have a guy who wanted to move from our store but after few months he decided he can't be bothered.
It feels like a chat with someone in new store might be good idea.
Tesco supposed to fill vacancies with internal transfers before any one else, but i do not know how it looks like in practice across all stores. I just shared my experience.