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Author Topic: July the 19th  (Read 6842 times)


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Re: July the 19th
« Reply #25 on: 18-07-21, 07:49PM »
"strongly insist" %uD83D%uDE02

The fact Tesco barely enforced it from day 1 with all the scummy people blagging exemptions, I won't be wearing one if given the choice.  The amount of times this year over heard "can't wear a mask, got asthma, 20 Benson please" ...

It's all been a show, we'll make sure staff do to protect customers, but we won't actually have the bottle to question anyone to protect the staff.
Yes to this! We were told to enforce it, refuse entry blah blah, all that happens is people say they’re exempt when they’re not (the whole group of 6 labourers all being exempt just seems far too unlikely) or just refuse and won’t leave, sometimes causing issues to the point we’ve had to have police out. I got to the point a while ago where I stopped asking anyone as I was sick of the constant abuse! They have gotten away with it this whole time, now it’s not mandatory we have no hope. Mask wearers will be the minority from tomorrow.
I personally won’t be wearing a mask from tomorrow. Why should we have to wear them for 9 hours a day to protect the customers, when a customer can’t wear one to protect me when they come in store for 2 minutes to buy a meal deal? Respect works 2 ways. If I find that the vast majority of customers do wear one I will happily reconsider, but considering the amount of people that didn’t wear one, or wear one properly, when it was law I doubt that will be the case when it isn’t.
Agreed. At the beginning, I used to politely ask customers to put on a mask That didn't last long, as I got sick of abuse from customers and no back up from managers.

Given how selfish and stupid the customers have been, and how unwilling tesco has been to enforce the rules, it's a miracle a lot more people haven't died from COVID. Although, frankly, if you refuse to obey simple rules on social distancing, you deserve everything you get.
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