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Author Topic: selling alcohol  (Read 18385 times)


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Re: selling alcohol
« Reply #75 on: 28-12-20, 07:14PM »
Managers should not be over riding anyone when it comes to think 25, policy is you say no we say no, several managers have got into trouble over the years for selling booze to people who either had no proof of age or were drunk after a cashier had initially said no.
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Re: selling alcohol
« Reply #76 on: 12-09-21, 03:58PM »
Managers are meant to back you up regarding your decision. It's happened to me twice where a manager has decided to override my decisions. Both times the customers clearly looked underage, other members of staff agreed.. guess that didn't matter in the eyes of the managers🤷‍♀️


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Re: selling alcohol
« Reply #77 on: 13-09-21, 09:34AM »
If a manager tried to override a Think 25 decision I would be signing off the till and waiting for the disciplinary because the training & policy is clear that if you assess someone as under 25 that the sale must not proceed without valid ID & the manager is going against that. Remember that you as the cashier are responsible for making the assessment and can be personally prosecuted for an underage sale - it's rare, but can happen. That's of course assuming that the colleague isn't being well and truly ott & asking middle aged folk for ID, or refusing a sale because a parent has their child with them!

As regards Muslims and alcohol - there is no definitive answer because as with Christianity there are many different branches interpretations. Roman Catholics don't agree with Greek Orthodox or CofE, Methodists, Baptists, etc etc. on every aspect of their religion. For instance the RC Church is generally anti contraception, but you'll generally find that Baptists will generally be accepting of it, likewise with divorce. With Islam, the two main "denominations" are Shia & Sunni & even within those two groups there are different branches and schools of thought. It's worth noting though that Muhammed cursed
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because they are all complicit in distracting people from their devotions to their god.