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Do You Know..

Lifestyle Break: staff can take up to 12 months off, and on their return they go back to the same job, hours, pay, if no structure changes.

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Considering what we are going through at this time, I particularly have in mind the experiences various groups are having with the 'special' shopping hours, i.e. OAPs queuing with those who are very obviously not etc.

Should introducing so...

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Comments welcomed on what it's like in your department. I seen what happens in picking dept and to be honest all workers far to close to each other and even when not constant pass each other in close proximity often.
I’m writing this here because I feel like I have nowhere else to turn. From January this year until February I have been out of work due to depression and anxiety. In the past week it has been brought to my attention that one of our front end team ...

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I live with my parents, have been self isolating for two weeks because my Mum was ill. Get back to work today, halfway through, I get a phone call saying my Dad is now ill and has a high temp. Spoke to my store manager, she said because i've already ...

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I just need to let off a bit of steam... One of the people that work in our cash office has been tested for coronavirus due to having family that work in the hospital. They are off work for the foreseeable future. However, our front end team leaders...

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