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Do You Know..

that drivers' medicals are paid for up to a max of �90 to the age of 65.

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Heard something interesting today, so apparently travel ex, will be taking over money grams and tesco banking, they will have a larger space in store, so this obviously means more hours lost on CSD All the loyal.staff getting shafted again, imagine...

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Hi all just wondering if anyone knows if BWS H&B and Frozen are still moving to days, last rumour i heard was it was happening end of August for BWS is this the case for all or just BWS.
Greetings colleagues,
I got suspended from my full-time permanent position two weeks ago and I'm expecting to remain in limbo for a couple of months minimum as that seems to tbe the usual form at our place.
I've been offered an interview f...

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Hi I have a member of staff who is being asked to move her hours. I been on ourtesco to try and find the information as I am sure I have found it before. But I can't seem to find it. Searching on our tesco is rubbish. Could some one point me in the r...

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Apologies if there is already a topic on this.

Why is the company being so quiet about the lack of stock?
grocery promotion last night - we managed 2 ends out of our 12. all rest filled with toilet rolls, kitchen towels,  MU stock - b...

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