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22-04-24, 05:36PM

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Hours cut-off day before pay-day

Started by BritishRacingGreen, 22-07-22, 08:52AM

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Hi - can anyone advise when is the cut off day for hours worked when calculating pay  on Work and Pay please?

(I know this has been asked on another thread that I had to hijack - Thank you Nomad for the advice re. New Topic button)


Contracted pay up to Saturday of Pay day week
Absences in pay period authorised before the Tuesday of pay day week
Overtime up to Saturday before Pay day

Anything after those dates would be covered in the next pay period


The higher ups in the company decided that sign-off for wages would be automatic earlier this year. This means that if the wages clerk is unable to work the Sunday of payroll week (and cover the manager's backsides by answering the exceptions themselves) the below takes affect.

Q. What is the cut off for overtime being paid?
A. If overtime is correctly planned and entered into FROG by the managers and the colleague clocks in correctly then all overtime up to a including Saturday will be included. If managers are not correctly putting overtime into FROG that will impact a colleague pay as an exception will be generated that needs to be coded. If the exception isn't coded before the Sunday auto sign off it will be available to code the following week and will appear in the colleague's next pay. There is no single cut off for stores or colleagues.


So effectively staff are penalised again,by the staff hating higher ups who are f#@king up everything they touch.....especially when everyone one needs correct pay on pay day more than ever.


tesco policy from higher up seems to be "lets fix(f*** up) things what aren't broken but things what NEED fixing we won't bother with. they're clueless and don't give a s*** about the consequences for us, the hard working "peasants" who keep the shops running!!! hate them with a passion  >:(


I start at 5:30am do I get night premium for those 30 min


Easy way to deal with managers not dealing with exceptions, turn it around, if they don't code it then it automatically gets paid. Watch them suddenly find the time.


Quote from: Hibobhi on 22-07-22, 06:29PMI start at 5:30am do I get night premium for those 30 min
yes you should but we're talking tosco here :-X


Not sure if you do, they changed premiums few years ago I thought.  Thought if you didn't work a night shift there was something like a premium payment for 10-12 not a per hour premium.
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


night shift allowance is paid per hour between midnight and 6 am


I've found this in terms of overtime so wouldn't be at all surprised if the same applies to people who are contracted to 5:30am starts!

It will also include Night Premium at a rate of £2.30 per hour, and is payable once 1 hour in the night premium window has been worked. If the time worked between 00:00 and 06:00 is less than 1 hour (i.e. 15, 30 or 45 minutes), then the 'Mon-Sat: Overtime Day (X1)' rate should be used.

I think it's potentially Sainsbury's who pay it between Midnight and 5am... I guess the end game is to get rid of Nights altogether in the Big T but wonder how long it is before they think to themselves "let's pay it between Midnight and 2am!" Take out an hour and a half break... Kerching!!


I've never worked in a place where wages are continually wrong. Surely if you've clocked in it means you've worked, but oh no tosco has to come up with a stupid idea where it's handed over to stupid managers to give it a code and get it all wrong and I'm sure they do it on purpose because they know no one can understand their wage slip or don't check.when you do challenge it you get told you have to wait until next month by then your even further into debt. Do they think we don't work for money we're just there because we love tosco  >:(



It's not half an hour, but I went in early to help with MST, normally work 9-6 ish, and got the NP

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