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24-02-24, 06:53PM

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Pay review 2023

Started by person7, 05-02-23, 02:55PM

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if thats the case it would work out an extra £18 pound a week, the old saying give in one hand take some thing  away in the other hand. >:D


Why do people speculate about something so important to everyone, unless there is concreate information on wage increases etc, its best not to enter into he says, they say etc etc... >:D , I've heard some wild & wonderful stories over the years, that have got staff up in arms for no reason...


I'm sure Bobmay will be in with his £18 pound worth shortly 😂😂


What Raven is saying about the union pay negotiation is correct. Our union rep posted a copy of the union letter on our Q chat group. Not that we'll get anything like that. Tesco will say no and the union will roll over and tell us they tried their best.



Quote from: Johnzo88 on 11-11-23, 12:40AMRaven. Where did you find the statement from Usdaw? Is it on their website, or did they brief their reps? Thanks.
It was on USDAW's official facebook page.

Essentially, this is the unions starting point... so it will likely be negotiated down from there.


Quote from: Raven on 10-11-23, 10:48AMUSDAW released a statement yesterday saying that they have put forward their pay negotiation request to Tesco for negotiation at the end of January. What are peoples thoughts on this? It doesn't look like they are asking for much (The New Deal for Workers Campaign demands a minimum wage of £12 per hour) however I am sure we will get much, much less than requested.

Negotiated Items:

1. A substantial increase in base rates of pay without erosion of existing terms on conditions and in support of Usdaw's New Deal for Workers Campaign.

2. Improvements to the company sick pay scheme.

3. Improvements to premium pay for the Festive Bank Holidays.

Consultative Items:

1. Improvements to Colleague Clubcard.

2. Improvements to Paternity Pay & Leave.
Tesco will use that and give better paternity and colleague clubcard then convert it into a £ value then tell everyone look you are getting "up to" 400,500,600 more benefits...


There won't be much room for negotiating downwards, if any, for 2 key reasons.

1. The national living wage is suggested to be going up to £11.46 an hour next April, and Tesco has never been a minimum wage payer, the lowest from what I remember was 4% above the legal minimum, if we use this year as an example, minimum wage of £10.42, Tesco pays 60p more, that's roughly 6% above the minimum, if the minimum goes to £11.46 an hour, in the very worst case I don't see them going lower than £11.80 and that's basing it off historic tendencies.

2. Tesco has at least matched the real living wage for the past few pay reviews, this currently sits at £12 an hour, the media backlash and resultant shareholder sentiment of Tesco paying any less would have reputational and PR implications.


Quote from: Morrissey1912 on 12-11-23, 01:11AMI'm sure Bobmay will be in with his £18 pound worth shortly 😂😂

I am already in getting 16 a hour on Saturday


Quote from: Morrissey1912 on 12-11-23, 01:11AMI'm sure Bobmay will be in with his £18 pound worth shortly 😂😂
yes the "spotting changes to the 2023 pay review so they can remove nights" topic is sure to start soon! ;D


i'm sure the krispy creme man will know what our new pay rate will be :D


I don't think any Team Manager would know what's going on with either Wages or Colleague Admin roles. Highly doubt an Area Manager would let it slip.


News today confirms that the national living wage will go up to £11.44 an hour from next April making at least a £12 an hour floor wage at Tesco a near certainty, a £12.10 wage is even probable.


Still think it will be in 2 increments. £11.60ish in April & £12ish in September.


if in two increments, likely the second one would be delayed until late November!!
But do Tesco really want to increase their admin?
I also think that as well as the inevitable "squeezing" on premiums that stores that get "location pay" (other than "inner London") are surely more at risk of losing that - so any pay rise might become negligible - I have said that for a while - so at some stage I must be proved right!!

Then again, they have been frozen at 45p (for our "home counties" store) for as long as I can remember - so not increased with inflation - I'm sure they were 45p when the base rate hit the "magic" £7 mark -

Think a lot will depend on the competition (other supermarkets) as to what Tesco does.

Of course, if they wanted to match Aldi with their wages, not sure we'd complain! (maybe not the workload!) 


It's worth pointing out that if Tesco doesn't increase the floor wage to at least £12 an hour, that will be the first time in a few years where their pay rise hasn't matched or exceeded the real living wage (currently £12 an hour outside of London).

I'd be surprised if it does go to as little as £11.60 initially.


Many of those times would have been almost a year after the real living wage was announced.


I think you're right, at one point we were only 5p above minimum wage for a few months. I remember staff morale in our store was a bit low then as a result.


Quote from: barafear on 22-11-23, 03:52PMMany of those times would have been almost a year after the real living wage was announced.
True, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Tesco hasn't gone for more than a year not meeting the real living wage in the last 5-8 years or so. But that still means a £12 floor wage is likely in the sense there is a basis for it historically.

As for the 5p above minimum wage argument, their increase takes place in April the same month when the £11.44 minimum wage comes into play, They won't get away with paying just 5p above it straight after, the optics wouldn't come  off looking good no matter how you angled it, even Ex CEO dodgy Dave would have a tough time coming off as looking good trying to sell it in that regard. There was recent Shareholder backlash against Sainsbury's around criticism of not paying floor staff competitively during a cost of living crisis.

Also Tesco like to bandy about these % busting pay rises (they're large because they apply to a small amount), The PR team would have an impossible job of convincing their own employees that a roughly 0.4% pay increase is the company rewarding them for their hard work, especially considering inflation.


According to the mirror it's guaranteed 12 but uk wide it's 12.95 a hour for store staff 13.85 a hour inside m25 and salaried staff also getting a decent pay rise aswell .. let's face it tho if we do get near 12£ a hour then there's a huge chance any premium will go to compensate the pay rise


Reading couple more articles some stating 12£ a hour is the starting wage then up to 12.95 after a few months


It does seem a bit confusing reading the stories - but I think what it means is that Aldi pay long serving staff more than new starters - not sure how long you need to work before getting the higher rates of pay - but basically this pay rise will be a min of £12/hour for new starters but £12.95 for long serving staff. (and more for London)

Of course, Tesco do not pay long serving staff anymore - and they even dispensed with the lower rate of pay for new starters (which only generally last three months I think) a few years back (mainly because it would have been less than the NLW!!) -

So unfortunately, I don't think Tesco will be matching Aldi on this (£12.95) - but it's likely our hourly rate will increase to around £12 at some stage after April - I still think it would be mean (and also an admin burden) to give us £11.70 from April (in order to stay legal) and then increase to £12.05 (maybe) from November.
I can see the savings for Tesco PLC in doing so - but it would really turn the screw on staff if they did this (esp. if other supermarkets just go straight to £12 from April - or even before - similar to this deal from Aldi starting in Feb)

Recent history of Tesco's pay reviews would suggest that we shouldn't expect anything unexpectedly good (i.e. a pay rise from before when Tesco absolutely need to do it - or a "higher increase" than expected - or no detriment to premiums) -

Hey ho. We can't have it all (then again we could go and work for Aldi!!)


to be honest that's what I'm expecting around 11.70 a hour and a further increase later on in year ... working for the company for a long time from the double time on a Sunday lark I'd be gobsmacked if we kept premiums come April


I think they might just do the same as previous with Sunday premiums and essentially fix it where it currently is... until such a time as the hourly wage catches up to it.

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