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Author Topic: Tesco Risk Assessment  (Read 2789 times)


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Tesco Risk Assessment
« on: 12-11-21, 11:54AM »
Hi everyone,
Just a bit of advice re Covid Risk Assessment. I was advised in February 2021 that I was now deemed Extremely Clinically Vulnerable via the NHS and had to shield, which I did so until the end of March.
When I completed the Tesco Risk Assessment prior to this I was deemed as having no clinical issues.
Since then however I have fallen pregnant and am currently 12 weeks.
Tesco Covid policy states that I need a risk assessment from Tesco to see if THEY deem me as clinically vulnerable and potentially be eligible for maternity suspension.
I’m concerned because prior to this  obviously Tesco didn’t deem me to have high risk factors even though the NHS did (low BMI, gestational diabetes and ethnicity).
I’m feeling extremely anxious as my job role is based in the pharmacy so I’m in contact with a lot of poorly people.
I’m worried that even though the NHS deemed/deems me of being at clinical risk, Tesco won’t. Do I have any chance of fighting this should the Tesco  risk assessment come back as no clinical risk?
Thanks in advance


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #1 on: 12-11-21, 01:03PM »
The NHS overrules Tesco's OH. If they fire you or victimise/cause undue stress in any way, grievance with the help of ACAS and eventually it'll end in a tribunal. The judge will question Tesco management as to why their OH opinion differs materially to the NHS and you'll likely receive a payout.


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #2 on: 12-11-21, 01:15PM »
Tesco’s OH is done through Nuffield Health, so there’s no reason why it will differ from the NHS.

You also need to remember that the Government/NHS updated who was classed as ECV in January/February 2021 hence what happened to you at that time, and why you weren’t classed as ECV before that.

As for maternity suspension I’ll be honest I’ve know idea if that is still a thing as there is currently no colleagues who are pregnant in my store.
However I do know that the Government ended the shielding program in September/October this year.

You’ll need to inform your manager that your pregnant who will complete the pregnancy risk assessment and as part of that request/insure they refer you to OH for a proper assessment.

Tesco will then follow what OH recommend.
As I said earlier it’s Nuffield Health that complete the referrals not some failed doctor at HO.
You’ll just need to be honest with them and give them all details.


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #3 on: 12-11-21, 05:25PM »
Thankyou for your replies.
Tesco’s current COVID policy states that if a colleague is deemed at a higher risk via an Occupational Health Referral then they will be suspended under maternity suspension, however all I’ve been sent is a link for a Covid risk assessment form for pharmacy colleagues (which when I clicked on, isn’t even valid).
Are they the same thing?
I’m actually on annual leave atm and not due back into the business until Wednesday however I’m feeling very uncomfortable about going back into a potentially higher risk situation. Legally what are my grounds for not going back to work until an assessment has been carried out?


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #4 on: 13-11-21, 12:16AM »
Due to shielding not being applicable anymore , I think that maternity suspension doesnt start until 28weeks . This could've changed as there no longer seems to be anything in place for vulnerable colleagues.
Congratulations on your pregnancy


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #5 on: 13-11-21, 09:03AM »
I know of someone who is on maternity suspension now. She had a rough time with her first pregnancy and this was enough for her to be deemed unfit to be in work. She was on very light duties whilst waiting for the oh appointment and then the recommendations but has not been back since. I think she was even off sick part of this time.
The reasons my friend was put on maternity suspension may not be the same but the process is the same. You do need a risk assessment for work as you are pregnant and the recommendations from the oh can’t be pre-judged.
The oh process is quick. It’s about a wk to speak a nurse, about two to speak to a dr.  Sometimes you get a first app with a nurse and referred up the line to a dr. About 1-2 was afte4 that you get the report. This may feel like a long time but in certain circumstances it may be speeded up and you don’t need to be in work for it to happen.


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #6 on: 13-11-21, 02:55PM »
Thankyou  - Did your friend have both a risk assessment and then a separate referral to OH or did the risk assessment trigger the OH referral?


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Re: Tesco Risk Assessment
« Reply #7 on: 16-11-21, 11:03AM »
From Mondays retail daily news

Updated guidance for pregnant colleagues
From today (Monday 15 November), the government guidance and our policy for pregnant colleagues has been
updated. Newly pregnant colleagues will now no longer be routinely suspended at 28 weeks and instead we
should complete the normal pregnancy risk assessment process and refer them to Occupational Health if any
of the following apply:
• They are unvaccinated (you will need to ask the colleague about their vaccination status as part of the risk
assessment, but please do not ask for proof of this)
• They are anxious about their pregnancy in relation to COVID-19
• They have an underlying health condition
If you complete a referral and Occupational Health recommends that the colleague should move to maternity
suspension, please use the maternity suspension coding as outlined in the payroll support guide to ensure
they are paid the average of their last 52 weeks earnings. All other pregnant colleagues will continue to attend
work, following their pregnancy risk assessment, beginning their maternity leave as normal following our
normal maternity leave processes.
All colleagues who have already notified us of their pregnancy (or who have begun their maternity suspension)
will begin or continue with their maternity suspension as planned from 28 weeks of pregnancy - if they cannot
work from home. They will then move to maternity leave four weeks before the expected date of birth.
Full details, including the updated people policy and Q&As are on Colleague Help