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I'm twisting in an express and I'm learning wages while here. the shift leader training me on wages pays her own overtime and for any breaks she doesn't take cause of low staff. Is this right because it doesn't feel okay to me and that she should be asking...

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I heard from manager that Tesco will be removing premium from night shift for new staff is this true? I think they want to remove the old staff on nights by threatening the remaining night staff and giving the remaining redundancy or hours in the evening or morning while after a few years they bring new staff to do nights on lower wages no premiums.Read More

Just a quick question, I have an investigation meeting coming up and wanted to know when they decide if its gross misconduct (I am fairly sure it isnt) but do they tell you that at the point it goes to investigation or after?

Everytime Tesco increases pay they always cut back on staff. The last pay increase they gave redundancy to bakery and those that work with fish and also removed the yearly bonus we got 1 a year. What are they cutting now since they are having less customers...

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Does anyone know what the new changes to contracts are.I have heard that the new contract will be flexible meaning Tesco giving new working days each week.And that there will be no more night shift premium and Sunday premium for new staff.I heard that...

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